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Bill Granger

The type of food I’m best known for is: Scrambled eggs.

The proudest moment of my career is: It’s hard to pin-point just one. Every time I open a new restaurant there’s a great buzz and excitement. The opening of the first bills in Sydney, opening my 1st restaurant in Tokyo, then Granger & Co in London. The first time I get to flick through a copy of my latest cookbook is also pretty special. I guess it’s all about the firsts…

My favourite breakfast is: A boiled egg with toast, although I did have scrambled eggs for the first time in years at Granger & Co the other day and was reminded of how much I love them.

One thing mostpeople don’t realise about cookery/baking is: It’s all about practice. Great chefs are born out of the repetition of cooking the same dish day in day out until you can do it in your sleep.

My mother inspired me to become a chef. Mum wasn’t such a great cook, but I love to eat, so I guess it was pure self-interest that got me interested in cooking.

If I could cook a meal for anyone in the world it would be: Skippy?

My guilty pleasure food is: Green & Blacks butterscotch chocolate.

If I wasn’t making mouth-watering dishes on Lorraine, I’d be: Packing lunches for the kids and running them to school.

You’d be surprised to learn that: I hate liver and pâté. I can eat most offal, but really struggle with the metallic flavour of liver.

The one thing I couldn’t live without is: Sunday breakfast with my three girls.

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