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Asparagus, pea and goat's cheese quiche

One of Briony's favourite recipes! It’s super simple and perfect for family lunch or dinner. It really is summer on a plate.

Asparagus, pea and goat's cheese quiche

Serves 8


375g ready-made shortcrust pastry 

4 medium eggs + 1 egg for egg wash

225ml milk

Salt and pepper

250g asparagus (swap out for broccoli)

125g frozen peas

1 tbsp plain flour

250g goat’s cheese (swap out for grated cheddar)

Handful fresh mint


1. Pop the oven on to 180C fan/200C. Place a baking tray in the oven while it preheats.

2. Unroll the shortcrust pastry sheet and press into a 23cm tart dish. Leave 2cm of pastry overhanging the sides and trim the rest. Using a fork, prick the base of the pastry all over. Crumple up a piece of parchment paper that will fit the tart tin, place in the pastry case then fill with baking beans or uncooked rice. Place the tin on the baking tray and bake for 15 minutes. Remove the parchment and beans/rice and trim the excess pastry using a pair of scissors or sharp knife. Break an egg into a mug, beat with a fork then use a pastry brush to cover the tart case in egg wash. Bake for a further 10 minutes.

3. In a bowl, beat 4 medium eggs and the milk with a pinch of salt and pepper until combined. Break the ends off the asparagus and discard then chop the remaining asparagus into small pieces. Defrost the peas by placing in a mug, covering with water and microwaving for 2 minutes then drain. In a bowl, coat the chopped asparagus and defrosted peas in the plain flour. 

4. Retrieve the base from the oven. Break up the goat’s cheese over the base of the pastry case then sprinkle over the asparagus and peas. Pour over the egg mixture and return to the oven for 40-45 minutes until set (if the quiche is colouring too much, place a piece of foil loosely over the top).

5. Chop the mint and sprinkle over the baked quiche. Serve warm or leave to cool then chill overnight.

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