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Calum Best on growing up with an alcoholic father

I'm still dealing with the demons I had about not talking about it ... in order to go forward, I have to talk about my past

Calum didn't talk about George's alcoholism until he was grown up

Calum Best is supporting a new campaign aimed at helping children growing up with alcoholic parents.

Alcoholism costs Britain £21 billion a year - it's the third biggest health problem after smoking and obesity, which costs the NHS £3.5 billion a year.

This week is International Children Of Alcoholics Week - 2.6 million, that's one in five children, live with alcoholic parents in the UK today.

On today's show Calum Best talked candidly and openly about his own personal experience growing up with an alcoholic father - footballer George Best, and why he's still dealing with his demons.

Revealing he was just eight year's old when he first realised his father had a drinking problem, Calum told Fiona, "When you're that young you don't realise that there are places to go and places to talk about it, and that other people are going through the same thing."

He added, "It's about spreading the word, letting other kids and adults know that they're not alone going through this.

"if you can talk about it, it will help you and it will help others."

The National Association for Children of Alcoholics

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