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Cara Delevingne on pizza PJs and pranking!

I love a prank! While some see pranks as bad I love to torture people I love!

Cara Delevingne

She made her name modelling for lingerie giants Victoria's Secret and top fashion brand Burberry, but Cara Delevigne admits she's more at home in her comfy clothes.

In an interview with Dan Wootton, she says: "Modelling is my job but really I don't care at all about fashion. I love it but it's not something that bothers me that much. If I had a choice I wouldn't wear make-up, I'd just hang around in my pizza pyjamas all day."

Cara reveals she is now living the 'dream' having moved into acting, securing a host of roles including the latest; a movie adaptation of John Green's bestselling novel Paper Towns.

Cara in her pizza PJs!

And she has rebuffed offers of playing the ditzy girlfriend or the bombshell blonde in favour of more tomboyish characters.

Cara, the goddaughter of screen legend Joan Collins, says: "I want to play strong female roles that girls can look up to."

Good for you!

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