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Celebrating Chinese New Year with Ching's Cantonese cod

We're celebrating Chinese New Year with the perfect family meal from our Ching - her Cantonese Cod - which you can make in minutes!

Steamed sizzling spring onion cod

Fish is the only dish to have at Chinese New Year.

Fish means abundance and it means your year will be filled with prosperity and all you wish. This is an easy, healthy supper and the umami oyster sauce and soy makes a delicious dressing for the meaty cod.

The sizzling oil is impressive to do in front of your guests making it extra special. You can increase the amounts if serving for a large party. Enjoy!

Serves 2 or 4 to share

Prep time 8 minutes

Cook time 8 minutes


2 cod loins, MSC certified, Norwegian or Icelandic

1 tbsp Shaosing rice wine or dry sherry 

1 tbsp premium light soy sauce

1 tbsp cornflour mixed with 1 tbsp water

Pinch of ground white pepper 

Pinch of sea salt 

Mix together

3 tbsp premium oyster sauce 

2 tbsp double deluxe soy sauce

Garnishes for fish

2 spring onions, top and tailed and finely chopped

1 tbsp freshly grated root ginger 

1 red chilli, deseeded and finely chopped 

For the sizzling oil

6 tablespoon rapeseed oil

3 tbsp sesame oil 

For garnish

Ginger, julienned

Spring onion, shredded

Chilli, julienned


1. Place the cod loins on a heatproof plate. Season the cod loins with rice wine, light soy sauce, salt, ground white pepper, salt and cornflour slurry on both sides of the fish. Place the plate on a steamer rack and place in a wok filled with water. Place the lid on and turn the heat to medium and steam the fish on medium heat for 8 minutes. (Or you can roast the fish wrapped in foil, in the oven for 10 minutes at 180C/gas 4.

2. Mix together: Combine the oyster sauce and light soy sauce and mix well.

3. Prepare the rest of the garnishes.

4. Once the fish is cooked, dress the fish by pouring over the oyster, soy sauce mix sauce. Garnish with julienned ginger, spring onion, and red chilli.  

5. In a small pan add the rapeseed and sesame oil, heat until smoking. Remove from the heat and pour over the sizzling oil. The oil will heat the aromatics and the sauce giving it a fragrant flavour.

6. Garnish with extra spring onion for a fresh bite and serve with steamed rice.

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