Change and Check: Trevor Sorbie helps mum of four who has lost her hair due to treatment for breast cancer

After seeing Lorraine’s Boob Bus in October 2019, mum of four, Nicola Mackenzie, presented to her GP with symptoms which led to her receiving a breast cancer diagnosis.

She’s currently in the middle of chemotherapy which has unfortunately resulted in her losing her hair. Our Helen Addis, who created the Change and Check campaign after her own diagnosis in April 2018, travelled to meet Nicola to offer some advice and introduces her to celebrity hairdresser, Trevor Sorbie, who wants to help her regain some of the confidence she's lost since becoming ill by helping her find the perfect wig.

Do you know the symptoms of breast cancer? Follow Dr Hilary's guide to checking your breasts and download the Change and Check sticker here.

Change and Check

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