Arms and chest are best

Jane shows us how to do a 3 minute exercise that's good for toning your arms and chest areas.

This workout is fantastic for hitting the chest area and those bingo wings! If you would like to target this area then build up to doing this video EVERY DAY!

Always build up slowly and if it gets easy, simply repeat it twice. You’ll need a weight around 2 – 4 kg. If you don’t have a weight you can use any weighted object - as long as it has a handle that you can safely and comfortably hold, e.g. large washing powder box, fabric conditioner bottle or even your handbag!

You will also need a mat and a towel. If you have any knee issues, use the mat under your knees. If you have problems doing this on the floor then try doing it on your bed instead so you don’t have to bend down to the floor.

See the video for the number of times you repeat each move. All these videos are in REAL time – just follow and GO!

Narrow Press up

In a kneeing position, hands in line shoulders, knees in line with hips, bend at the elbows keeping your elbows tucked into your sides – imagine holding a clutch bag underneath each arm pit. Lower your nose to the floor in front of your finger tips. Lift, focusing on squeezing through the backs of your arms and repeat .

Wide Press up

From the narrow position above, take your hands wide and repeat, pushing more through your chest.

Overhead Press

From a kneeling position, hold your weight in both hands above your head. Keeping your upper arms by the sides of your ears, lower the weight behind your head and then carefully extend, squeezing through the backs of your arms. Focus also on pulling your tummy in tight and squeezing your bottom – aim to tuck your tail between your legs.

Rear Press

Step forward with your left foot, lean forward and with the weight in your right hand, arm straight and by your side, press your arm back behind. Aim to feel a pull on your arm and a squeeze down the back of your arm.

REPEAT with the rear press on the other side.

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