Dean Edwards: Me and vitiligo

It makes me unique, it makes me different

Dean Edwards has learnt to embrace his skin condition vitiligo

Our resident chef Dean Edwards stepped away from the kitchen hobs today to join Lorraine on the sofa to talk about living with the skin condition vitiligo.

Dean, who developed vitiligo when he was five years old, said he once felt self-conscious about his condition but has learnt to embrace his differences.

He revealed that being teased as a child and negative comments online inspired him to to speak out about the condition in a bid to educate others. The condition, which affects around 74 million people worldwide, causes patches of the skin to lose their normal pigment and to become white.

Dean, whose affected areas include his hands and face, insists that vitiligo is what makes him unique and different to others.

Watch the full interview in the video above.

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