Do you know the signs of ovarian cancer?

Awareness is the key, so we can educate women and they learn about their bodies. I’m so passionate that women realise that unless they catch this early, there is just no chance.

Gill Harler, who passed away from ovarian cancer in February after tirelessly campaigning to raise awareness of ovarian cancer.

On this morning’s show, we were joined by Karen Harler, whose mum Gill sadly died of ovarian cancer in February.

Gill was one of Lorraine’s Woman of The Year finalists last year, commended for her tireless work to raise awareness of the symptoms of ovarian cancer.

Gill designed and distributed a handy booklet that women can keep in their bag, listing the symptoms of ovarian cancer and steps to take if you are suffering from them.

We also spoke to viewer Sandy, who credits seeing Gill on the show with saving her life, after it prompted her to request further specific blood tests from her doctor, which led to her cancer diagnosis.

Find more information on the booklets and how to request one, at

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