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Exclusive: Paul Burrell on marrying his soulmate

I looked at him and thought, 'You are him. You're him! I've been looking for you'

Paul said he knew right away that Graham was the one for him

Paul Burrell, former royal butler to Princess Diana, spoke exclusively to Lorraine since marrying his 'soulmate' Graham Cooper last month.

Paul was married to wife Maria for 32 years but last month he made front page news after revealing that he was gay and in a same sex relationship.

Paul and his now husband Graham married earlier this month in the Lake District in what he called the wedding of his dreams.

Diana would have been there in the front row with the pictures taken at the wedding, buckets of confetti

Paul thinks Diana would have loved his wedding

Paul was very aware that he came with baggage. A whole past life, in fact, comprising of 32 years of marriage with two sons. Paul said that even though he was living a lie, he 'wouldn't change that for anything' and that Graham is very understanding of his previous life.

Speaking about Princess Diana, Paul said, 'I think she had to have known! It was never discussed but she had to have known. I chose her dresses, I chose her jewels, I told her if her hairstyle was right. I did fabulous flower arrangements.' At which Lorraine quipped, 'Paul, I think she knew!' and they laughed.

No father should have to sit in ​front of their children and discuss their sexuality. But I had to bare my soul

Paul ​said that his sons have been 'very accepting' since he came out

Paul told his two grown up sons that he was gay in December 2016. He said that he 'underestimated their maturity' and that they've been 'very accepting' of his marriage to Graham.

It was an initial shock for them and they asked to think about it but Paul said they came back to him and said 'Dad, you're our dad and we love you' and said that they'd be there on his big day.

Paul welled up as he discussed his sons standing by him at his ceremony to now husband Graham Cooper, and spoke of how he's proud of his past life, what he calls his 'golden years', and how he's now looking to the future.

The door’s opened and now I can go out into the street, I can hold his hand and I can say to him, ‘You’re my man, I love you’.

Paul is happy that he can now live the life he wants

Paul said the reaction has been 'overwhelming' from people of all ages and that he's finally accepted that it doesn't matter what others think, adding, 'The time is right, this is who we are.'

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