Jacqui's crafts: how to update old lampshades

After seeing what magic she could do with some old dining chairs, we were very excited to have Jacqui Joseph is back for a lesson in how to spruce up tired old lampshades...

Lighting is crucial in any home, so how about giving a tired lampshade a show stopping revamp! Here are three quick lampshade updates you can achieve easily over the weekend...

Flower powerWhat you’ll need:Faux Flowers of your choosing, glue gun and glue sticks (or glue), oh and a lampshade!!

  • Pull all the flowers off their stems... It doesn’t matter if the petals pull apart - you’ll just glue them back!

  • Stick each flower on using your glue gun. Fill in any gaps by squeezing in some of the smaller petals. So you end up with a BIG floral delight!

Light as a featherWhat you’ll need: feather boa, glue gun and glue sticks, lampshade

To stick the boa on, just add dots of glue every 5 to 10cm until the entire shade is covered. The finished effect is stunning!

Fringe dramaWhat you’ll need: fringing - I want drama, so I’m using 12" chainette fringing and have about four metres, rather have more than less and it all depending on the size of your shade.

Start from approximately 4cm up from the base of shade, and glue the seam of the fringing to the shade. Work your way up in increments of 4cm. So that you create a layered effect... WOW!