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Emmerdale and Corrie get competitive in a Lancashire versus Yorkshire cook off!

Corrie's Jennie McAlpine and Emmerdale's Gaynor Faye go head-to-head in a Lancashire versus Yorkshire cook off! First up, they take in the the beauty of the Lancashire scenery and visit the smallest cheese producer in the area to make creamy local cheese which Jennie uses to make her finest Lancashire Rarebit (also known as posh cheese on toast)...

Jennie McAlpine's Lancashire Rarebit

Makes: 2-3

Prep: 10 minutes

Cook: 2 minutes


25g butter, softened

1tsp strong English mustard

1tsp wholegrain mustard

A shake of Worcestershire sauce

2tbsp Lancashire ale (or ale/milk of your choice)

110g tangy Lancashire cheese, crumbled

2-3 thick slices wholemeal or white bread

Pinch smoked paprika to sprinkle


- Place the butter into a pan. Add the English and wholegrain mustard. Add a dash of Worcestershire sauce, ale or milk and cheese. Cream and stir until a thick paste is formed.

- Pre-heat the grill.

- Grill the sliced bread until browned on one side. Remove from the grill.

- Spread some of the mix smoothly over the untoasted side of the bread taking it right up to the edges to prevent burning. Repeat with the remaining bread and cheese mixture. Sprinkle with paprika.

- Put the grill pan in lowest position and cook the rarebit until it is golden brown bubbling and cooked through. Adjust the heat up or down as you need to. It should take 1-2 minutes. Remove from the grill.

- For Jennie’s twist on the traditional French croque monsieur serve with grilled bacon and tomatoes if liked.

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