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Meet Kay: Juggling breast cancer, Covid and caring for my son

In February 2020, 46-year-old Kay Mair was concerned about bloody discharge from her breast after seeing the symptom highlighted on the Change + Check sticker. The consultant she was referred too also detected a lump and by April she was diagnosed with Grade 3 triple negative metaplastic breast cancer.

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As the UK went into lockdown, Kay began her chemotherapy treatment. Kay is a mum of two sons, aged 21 and 23, the eldest of whom she is a carer for.

She takes us along on her journey through treatment, how her illness has affected her eldest son and how her family have rallied around to help and support her. She also describes the impact the pandemic has had on her situation - telling her parents her diagnosis via video call and shielding at home for many months during her treatment.

My Change + Check Story follows the lives of five women who were diagnosed with breast cancer thanks to Lorraine's Change + Check campaign. They share their personal stories, the highs and the lows, and highlight the importance of checking your breasts. 

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