Lorraine gives Jake Quickenden and Sophie Church important advice as they celebrate their baby news

After revealing the news earlier this week that they are expecting their first child together, Jake Quickenden and his partner Sophie Church joined Lorraine for an exclusive interview.

The pair are extremely excited to be welcoming their baby and when asked if he was ready to take on the responsibility of becoming a dad, Jake said "I'm not going to grow up, I want to be a stupid, fun, dad. I did buy a book."

The pair are excited to be welcoming a baby together but their joy has been slightly marred by online trolls. "You get 99% nice tweets, nice comments, but the one that really sticks in your mind is the one nasty one," Jake said.

Lorraine advised the pair to ignore the trolls and to "focus on the fantastic positive news, that in five months time you will be parents."

Watch their full chat in the video above.