Louis Theroux shares his Tiger King regrets and shows Lorraine his new lockdown muscles

Louis Theroux told Lorraine that he's "almost slightly embarrassed" that he didn't make a bigger deal of Tiger King's Joe Exotic when he shot a documentary with him back in 2011.

"Even then he would talk about Carole Baskin," Louis recalled as he cast his mind back to their meeting while filming America's Most Dangerous Pets.

"He wasn’t quite wearing the tassels. He wasn’t quite as out there but he was very much the Joe Exotic that you see," Louis recalled as the pair discussed his most famous interviewees and his ability to charm people with his affable demeanour.

"I wish I could claim that my geekiness was a quality I had to work on," he told Lorraine as she praised his ability to charm and disarm his subjects.

And he also took the time to show her his rather impressive muscles, which he says he has Joe Wicks to thank for. But don't just take our word for it - watch the chat and see for yourself.