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Mark Heyes

I went to Glasgow School of Art and had a fantastic time there getting my BA Honours degree in Design. Whilst I was there I was styling for some amazing photoshoots for different Scottish newspapers, and also working in fashion retail.

When I was in my fourth and final year, I was approached to do a pilot fashion series that toured around the country, and this one was in Glasgow. It turned out to be the hugely successful show, She’s Gotta Have it on Channel 4. I was taken on as both an on screen stylist and behind the scenes stylist for all six series.

Whilst doing that, I under took freelance work to help get my portfolio together and worked (most of the time for free) on different projects and shoots that went into Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Hello, ID, and loads of different magazines and newspapers.

Although I loved the creativity of photoshoot work, I adored working in TV so I was over the moon when a new show was staring on Sky1 with Lorraine Kelly. It was to start straight after her show had finished on GMTV, and I got the fashion presenter job. That show finished after a year, but thankfully GMTV asked me to move over to the main show where I stayed for a further nine years.

During that time, I had columns in most of the big mags, styled the likes of Katherine Jenkins, Cat Deely and Lady Gaga. I presented from the Oscar red carpet three times, sent daily reports back from NYC fashion week, and all whilst living and breathing the UK High Street. Since moving over to Daybreak and Lorraine, I’ve interviewed some of the biggest celebs around, including Beyonce, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kim Kardashian and Sarah Jessica Parker. I cant wait to see what’s coming next.

What do you most enjoy about working on GMB/Lorraine? I love the fact everyday is different; whether its trawling the high street for the latest trend, or meeting up and getting fashion tips from the latest celeb in town. Working London Fashion Week and, of course, the makeovers we’ve done are amazing. And not forgetting working with my Lorraine, we get on so well and she’s such a great friend.

Who would you most like to meet/interview that you haven't already? Well, I’ve met Victoria Beckham on the Burberry red carpet and got a sweet little interview from her, but it only lasted for about a minute. Although everyone I know that’s worked with her says she’s got a wicked sense of humor, and that’s something we just don’t ever see. Obviously, I'd love to ask her about fashion, but would love to throw a few funnies in there and see what she does. Go on VB lets see the comedy… Dare ya!

Who is the most memorable celebrity/personality you have ever met and why? It's got to be Sarah Jessica Parker! There are a few reasons here. The first obviously being because she’s a style icon of the highest order. It was also my first BIG interview, nothing like being thrown in at the deep end eh! And lastly because she was such a sweet, chic, fabulous lady who didn’t even mind when I said the name of her film wrong (I know! I was mortified!)

If you weren't a presenter/stylist what would you be doing as a job? I’ve got to be honest and say that styling is my absolute first love, and I could never imagine not working within the fashion industry. If I did have to work in another field though I suppose it’d have to be fitness. I love working out and running, and I often look at personal trainers and think how I’d love to get my hands on their client and really help turn their life around with exercise. Although both you and I know, I'd just end up taking them shopping!

Are you a good morning person? It's true! I’m that really annoying morning person that’s wide-awake in an instant. When I’m on Lorraine I get up at 5am, pull on my running gear and am showered and ready by 6am in the fashion cupboard (I KNOW I’m a complete freak). When I’m not on TV, I’m up at a similar time to go out running, hit the gym, then in Oxford Street by 9am…bring on the coffee!

Who would you choose to play you in a film version of your life? Now for the record, I don’t think I look like this man for a minute, so PLEASE don’t think I have ideas of grandeur in the looks department. Basically in the fashion cupboard me, my lovely Sarah (who helps me with all the fashion) and all the models have celeb nicknames for each other, and mine is Daniel...as in Daniel Craig! Seriously in my dreams!

Tell us one fact about yourself that we'd be surprised to learn I’m actually really dyslexic, but since being properly diagnosed, whilst at Glasgow School of Art, have learnt how to work with it. If you were to have told me when I was diagnosed at 20, that within the following 15 years I’d be reading autocue, writing scripts and have written a 30,000 word book, I would have never have believed you, but I did it. In my opinion, if you’re dyslexic it just means that you’re gifted in some other way, whether that’s creatively, with communication or with your hands. I think I can safely say now that I’m incredibly glad to be dyslexic because I wouldn’t be doing what I do, or working on GMB and Lorraine.

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