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Meet Leigh: Doctors told me not to worry about my lump because I was so young

At the age of 34, Leigh Murphy is the youngest woman to be diagnosed with breast cancer thanks to Lorraine's Change and Check campaign.

Leigh had a lump in her breast for many years, but doctors told her not to worry and so she carried on with her life and thought nothing more of it. It wasn't until she started to feel pain in her breast that she started to worry again. After watching Lorraine one morning and seeing the Change and Check campaign, she decided to go to the GP for further testing which eventually led to a diagnosis of stage 3 ER-positive breast cancer in October 2019.

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The mum of two started chemotherapy six months ago but was faced with added uncertainty when the country went into lockdown halfway through her chemotherapy. Although she finished her treatment, they unfortunately found more cancer and she is now currently undergoing radiotherapy.

Leigh shares her journey, discussing the highs and the lows she has endured along the way and explains how her story could be so different if she hadn't seen the Change and Check campaign.

My Change and Check Story follows the lives of five women who were diagnosed with breast cancer thanks to Lorraine's Change and Check campaign. They share their personal story, the highs and the lows and highlight the importance of checking your breasts. 

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