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Meet the team: Sally Bee

Sally Bee has been a regular in the Lorraine kitchen since providing us with her invaluable healthy eating tips for Lorraine's Brazilian Bikini Diet and more recently our Bikini Promise strand. The home cook, food writer, presenter and heart health ambassador has been teaching others how to maintain a healthy diet for life since suffering three heart attacks in a row in her thirties due to a condition that would have certainly killer her were it not for her good diet.

We find out more about Sally...

The proudest moment of my career is:

Being welcomed as part of the Lorraine family and being able to do what I love doing and spreading the word!

The first thing I do in the morning is:

Kiss my kids.

The most famous person in my phone is:

Michele Obama!

The actor who would play me in a film about my life is:

Julie Walters

If I could cook for anyone in the world it would be:

Fanny Craddock

Or George Clooney – his wife would ask me to do that when she’s away and wants to make sure he’s fed properly!!

My favourite memory from working on Lorraine:

Paragliding off a huge mountain in Rio De Janeiro whilst filming for Lorraine. The director was joking when he asked me to quote healthy nutritional tips as I jumped ...but in between my screams of fear and my screams of excitement I managed to get a few healthy eating facts in there!

You'd be surprised to learn that:.

I got expelled from Brownies!!!!

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Weekdays 9am