Mr Motivator is back and ready to get us moving

When you've found what you're about just exploit it and be yourself!

Mr Motivator

He burst onto our television screens 23 years ago dressed in garish tight lycra and changed the way we exercise! Now breakfast television's most memorable fitness guru Derrick Evans, aka Mr Motivator, is back and ready to get us moving once more with his autobiography, The Warm Up.

To find your state of wellbeing you need to find emotional happiness

Mr Motivator

After a prosperous television career, a starring film role and countless exercise videos, Derrick's new book offers life advice based on his own personal experiences.

Derrick believes when you meet someone, you meet them for a reason, and what better reason for Derrick to meet Lorraine than to chat to her about what makes him motivated!

"Look at the way I look - this took work and effort!" Mr Motivator talks about his own shape and fitness and the need for us all to get up and exercise, as well as think positive thoughts.

Derrick's book 'TheWarm Up' is out today.

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