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'My birthmark almost cost me my life'

It's not stopped me from going where I've wanted to be

Cody Hall

Lorraine met Cody Hall who underwent 21 operations over 14 years to fix a severe facial deformity that doctors initially thought there was no answer for.

Cody Hall was born with a birthmark which distorted the shape of her face. Her parents found a surgeon in the United States and raised money for corrective surgery.

Opening up about her difficult childhood, Cody told Lorraine about the amazing support she received growing up.

"You need the support, once you've got that support you can go anywhere,'' she said.

Cody Hall and husband Lewis

We surprised Cody with a special message from her doctor who she credits with saving her life.

''He was the second most important man in my life, he saved me,'' she said.

Cody and her husband Lewis also shared with us their love story of how they met eight years ago. The couple announced the happy news that baby number two is on the way and due in May.

Congratulations to Cody and Lewis, we wish you and the family all the best!

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