Peter Andre opens up about childhood bullying: 'It scarred me for life'

Peter Andre told Lorraine that the bullying he experienced as a child still affects him now as he joined her to voice his support for an anti-bullying campaign.

He said he is still "scarred" by the bullying he experienced when his family moved to the Gold Coast in Australia when he was nine years old.

 “I was very different. Moving to Australia, Australia now is so multicultural, so beautiful, but when I first moved there on the Gold Coast, I think we were the only ethnic family on the coast. We’re talking about 35 years ago," he explained.

"I had the dark hair, the big nose, the English accent and I stood out. We [him and his brothers and sister] were picked on a lot. Initially, it was racism, which is obviously a form of bullying. The problem is now when you are bullied at a young age, certain things scar you for life."

"It scarred me to the point that even now at 47, my hair’s naturally curly but I won’t have it curly, I straighten it. Every time I look in the mirror and my hair’s curly, I see what those guys used to call me. That’s the long term effect of bullying… I’m nearly 50 years old, I’ve got to get over it at some point," he said.

Talking about being both a parent and a friend to his four children, Peter said: “My parents were parents and not my friend. They were so strict I couldn’t talk to them about anything, very strict and very religious. The problem with that is I became very insular… if they had that friendship side as well, I would have talked to them. It’s important we instil that in people.”

Watch the full chat in the video above.

The Diana Award and Nationwide Building Society will host the first ever ‘The Big Anti-Bullying Assembly’ on 28th September. You can find more information on their website.