Phillip Schofield bravely discusses getting through 'toughest time ever' with support of his family and Holly

As he releases his memoir 'Life's What You Make It', Phillip Schofield joined Lorraine to have an emotional and frank discussion about life since he came out as gay in February and how the support of his family and Holly Willoughby helped him through what he describes as 'the toughest time ever'.

Opening up about one of his darkest days, Phillip revealed he didn't show up to work on This Morning one day as he simply couldn't face it: "I made a very stupid mistake of turning my phone off, so nobody knew where I was. I told Steph - I just said, "I can't go in today" - and I told the office and that was that and then I turned my phone off. I just sat in the flat and This Morning started and I was at one end of London and it was at the other... And it was a very very silly thing to do."

However, since coming out publicly, Phillip says the support has been 'incredible'.

"It's still tough and it is a work in progress... and I'm very conscious of Steph and I'm very conscious of the girls. I'm still me, they're still them. It's still us four, but different."