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Your recipe plan

Nutritionist Sally Bee has given us some of her healthiest and tastiest breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes and has devised a timetable for each mealtime for every day of the week to keep your diet nutritional and varied over the course of the four-week plan.

She even provides a list of snacks that are allowed for when you're feeling peckish between meals.

Before looking at the meal plans you must read Sally's introduction

Five calorie-rich foods you must be eating for good health

Both the recipes and tables have printable versions, so you can stick your favourites on the fridge! Everything you need is below...


Get Sally's full breakfast plan

Here are the recipes you can make for breakfast:

Breakfast in a bun

Brekky eggs en cocotte

Healthy homemade granola

Mexican butterbean hash


Simple tomato and basil omelette

Smoked haddock kedgeree

Spinach and eggs

Strawberry and honey fill-up smoothie

Fruit compote


Get Sally's full lunch plan

Here are the recipes you can make for lunch:

Bacon, egg and asparagus salad

Baked potato with healthy toppings

Beansprout, courgette and carrot salad

Beetroot soup

Bite size salmon with warm lentil salad

Chargrilled vegetable salad

Easy hummus

Grilled honey lemon sardines with herbed rice

Grilled nicoise tuna steaks

Lighter veggie lasagne

Pale courgette and mint soup

Quick Cajun chicken salad

Roasted beetroot with garden herbs and orzo pasta

Roasted red pepper soup

Scallops and king prawns on pea puree

Sicilian stuffed tomatoes

Snappy tuna melt

Tarragon, courgette and mozzarella bruschetta

The best tabbouleh in the world

Tiger prawn and watermelon salad

Turkey waldorf salad

Watercress soup


Get Sally's full dinner plan

Here are the recipes you can make for dinner:

Barley and beef cook-ahead casserole

Italian blushing pasta

Chicken cacciatore

Chilli beans on toast

Creamy spaghetti with Brussels sprouts and mushrooms

Guilt-free chicken, vegetable and mushroom pie

Healthy chicken tikka masala

Healthy fish and chips with mushy peas

Speedy cherry tomatoes and chicken

Chunky salmon chowder

Courgette and basil pasta

Ginger matchstick chicken with sweet potato mash

Lemon and thyme barley with low fat pork

Lentil stuffed peppers

Magnificent Moroccan chicken

Ratatouille chicken tray bake (pictured above)

Savoy cabbage stuffed with chicken couscous

Scallops and king prawns on pea puree

Simply marinated tuna

Speedy salmon parcels

Steamed fish and pak choi parcels

Stuffed roast butternut squash

Super quickety chicken Chasseur

The juicy, healthy cherry burger

Tomato and seafood risotto

Trout with creamy potato salad

Turkey chilli enchiladas


Sally advices to cut out processed foods and alcohol until you reach your target weight.

Trim turkey sausage rolls

Granola bars

Get Sally's list of suitable snacks

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