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Sisters who lost their mum in Manchester attack receive special message from officer who comforted her as she died

On this morning’s show we were joined by sisters Harriet and Izzy Taylor, who tragically lost their mum in the Manchester terror attack in May.

Jane Tweddle was waiting in the foyer of the Manchester Arena to pick up her colleague’s daughters from the Ariana Grande concert when the bomb went off.

Speaking of their devastation when they heard about the attack, Harriet said, "We just drove straight to Manchester, and then we spent the next 12 hours searching. It was the worst day of my life."

The girls’ biggest fear was that their mum was alone while she was dying, "That was the worst thing that day, her being on her own," Harriet continued. "We just needed comfort that someone was with her, holding her hand or just talking to her. Just being with her.

"We found out that there was a young police woman who was there, which gave us comfort that she wasn’t on her own."

Harriet (25), Izzy (20), and their sister Lily (22) have so far been unable to track the stranger down, but today Lorraine had a very special message from the officer - Jessica Bullough. Although Jessica didn’t feel ready to come on the show, she’s keen to meet the sisters in private.

To Harriet, Lily and Isabelle, I want to start by saying that I can’t imagine what you girls have been through the last four months since the loss of your Mum. Jane sounded like such an amazing, wonderful, fun loving lady, who would be so proud of you girls right now. I believe you have been trying to find me for the last few months. I can understand that has proven difficult, but now with help from ITV, they have been able to contact me. I have also over the last few months thought about Jane and her family with the hope of finding you and meeting you one day. I really hope this can be arranged soon as I would be honoured to meet you girls. Lots of love, Jessica Bullough from the British Transport Police.

Jessica Bullough's note to Harriet, Izzy and Lily

See the emotional moment Lorraine read Jessica’s note to Harriet and Izzy below:

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