Smoked salmon parcels

All this week we're looking at the event that is Christmas Day lunch and John Whaite is kicking off with a festive starter!

(Makes 4)


340g smoked salmon200g full-fat crème fraiche200g full-fat cream cheese2tsp wholegrain mustard2tsp horseradish sauceZest of 1 lime1 tbsp capers, chopped2 pickled cucumbers, finely chopped1 tbsp tomato ketchupSmall handful fresh parsley, finely chopped8 cooked king prawns, shells and heads removedFew sprigs fresh dill

You will need

4 x 175/180ml ramekinsCling film


  • First line the base and sides of each ramekin with cling film making sure you have a little surplus over the edges - this helps get the terrine out when set. Then line the base and sides of the ramekins with slices of smoked salmon, again leaving a little surplus over the edges.

  • For the filling: whisk together the the crème fraiche, cream cheese, mustard, horseradish, lime, capers, pickled cucumbers, ketchup, and parsley in a mixing bowl with a pinch of salt and pepper until smooth

  • Fill each ramekin half full with the filling mixture, then top with two prawns. Pile the remaining filling on top, just until it almost reaches the top of the ramekins, then fold the surplus salmon over the top to completely conceal the terrine. Fold the cling over the top and gently compact, then chill for at least two hours.

  • Turn out of the moulds, remove the cling film and serve garnished with a sprig of fresh dill on top

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