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Spinach goat's cheese soufflé pancakes

This week is British Egg Week, so in honour of this James Tanner's making soufflé pancakes!

When you think of soufflé you think you might need some sort of dish to cook them in but this is all cooked inside the pancake so no extra equipment is needed!

James Tanner and Lorraine Kelly pancakes anyone?

Serves: 2

Pancakes ingredients:180g plain flour1 full egg2 egg yolks375ml milk45g of melted butterPinch of saltPinch of sugar

Filling ingredients:2 egg whites2 large handfuls of spinach100g goats cheese80ml whipping cream1 tsp butter

Sauce ingredients:1 dsp grain mustard1 diced shallot100ml white wine100ml whipping creamtbsp chopped chives

Pancakes method:1. Whisk all the ingredients (flour, egg, egg yolks, butter, salt, sugar and milk) together except for half the milk, when mix is smooth add remainder of milk, strain and set aside

  • Heat non stick frying to a medium heat then add a splash of oil. After coating the pan drain of excess oil then add a small amount of pancake batter making sure it coats the pan

  • Cook for around 40 seconds turn over then cook other side, lay pancakes on grease proof paper to use later

Filling method:1. Pre heat oven to 220c

  • First heat a large saucepan to a high heat on the hob add the spinach leaves and tsp of butter season and sauté for 30 seconds stirring constantly then drain well on kitchen paper squeeze out any excess liquid

  • Warm the cream with the goats cheese in a pan and soften, then add the spinach

  • Whisk the egg whites to a soft peak using a mixer or hand whisk then fold through the goats cheese spinach mixture

  • Lay 4 cooked pancakes out on two lined baking trays and spoon the soufflé mix onto half of the pancake then carefully fold over the remaining pancake to create the look of a half moon, bake at 220c for 4 minutes until the souffle is puffed up

Sauce method:1. Put the diced shallot, grain mustard and white wine into a saucepan over a high heat reduce by half add the cream and reduce a little to a sauce consistency season add chopped chives

To Serve:Take two warm serving plates and pour the mustard sauce over the base of the plates. Remove the soufflé pancakes from oven and carefully using a slice put them on top of sauce, serve

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