Tom Church's money saving tips for the Easter holidays

From days out to arts and crafts, Tom Church has the best bargains the whole family can enjoy this Easter.

Alternative Eggs1. Ruby chocolate egg - ALDI 2. Marmite 'Yeaster Egg' - Asda3. Cheddar Cheese egg - Sainsbury's 4. Make-up palette - Superdrug5. Flat pack bunny - IKEA

2. Easter Fat Ball All you need is vegetable or beef suet or lard, plus bird seed mix. 1. Mix one part suet to two parts seed, transfer to a saucepan and gently heat, stirring until the fat melts. Wait until cool enough to touch but still soft. 2. To make the eggs either use an egg mould or shape with your hands into an egg shape. Put a wire through the middle. 3. Space apart in a plastic container or on a tray and place in the freezer to set firm.4. Once the fat balls are solid, put in the garden, on a bird feeder or use the wire to attach ribbons to hang from trees.

3. No Sew Sock BunniesYou'll need socks, elastic bands, rice, google eyes, buttons, scissors, some glue, fluffy pom-poms.1. Take a sock and fill a third to half way with rice. Tie an elastic band around this part.2. Fill more sock above the band with rice - smaller than the first part as this is the head. Tie another elastic band above this part.3. Cut the socks end that is left over at the top right down the middle - these are your ears. Trim to the desired shape.4. Using strong glue, stick on two little buttons or google eyes the for eyes and another button for a nose. Draw on a mouth if you like. For a final touch, stick a pom-pom on the bunny's behind.

4. Little Sheep EggsYou need eggs, glue, a paint brush, cotton wool or white pom-poms and a black felt tip pen:1. Hard boil the eggs 2. Cover the egg in glue, leaving the rounder part of the egg bare for the face.3. Stick the pom-poms or cotton wool on the egg. Keep four balls for the feet and stick them on. 4. Draw on a little face.5. Cut out ears from the card and stick them on.

Days out- English Heritage costs £5 for a month and gives you access to 400 historic sites. Kids go free. - 2 for 1 days out with National Rail for over 400 attractions.- Littlebird Family Pass is £1 for 30 days.- Use the Hoop app to find free or cheap activities in your area.