Brand New You

In our new Brand New You strand we will be visiting the world’s happiest place, meeting women who've reinvented their lives, showing recipes with innovative health benefits and giving viewers the tools to create a Brand New You for 2017!

Brand New You: Motivation clinic

Are you struggling to stick to those all-important New Year's resolutions?

According to research, two thirds of people give up on their New Year's resolutions before the end of January. Dr Hilary and Brand New You lifestyle coach Will Foster share their top tips to keep everyone motivated!

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Beat stress with Will Foster's mind workout

A happy mind boosts confidence and self esteem

– Life coach Will Foster shares his top stress busters

Did you know that two thirds of us feel stressed every single day? What's more, 63 percent of us feel guilty about failing to achieve our daily goals...

So how do we ease the stresses of everyday life? Brand New You Life coach Will Foster says you can beat stress simply by calming the mind - check out his top tips below!

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