The Chase's Paul Sinha discusses his Parkinson's diagnosis for the first time

The Chase star Paul Sinha has given his first television interview since being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and has revealed how his family have inspired him to maintain a positive attitude.

My dad didn’t give up when he had a cardiac arrest in 1990, my mum didn’t give up when she had breast cancer in 2007… We are a family of unwell people. In the same way they’ve all been there for me, I’ve got to be there for them.

– Paul Sinha

Could sharing your bed with your dog improve your sleep?

Great news for dog lovers - a new study suggests that sleeping next to your dog at night can improve your own quality of sleep. But would you really allow your dog to share your bed? Dr Hilary discusses the findings and shares his tips to help those who struggle to get a good night's rest.