Mum of two thanks Change and Check and Love Island's Jack Fincham for early breast cancer diagnosis

When mum of two, Sally, found a lump around her armpit she thought it was a bit of underarm fat, but when she saw Love Island winner Jack Fincham promoting Lorraine's Change and Check campaign online, she decided to visit her GP. Speaking to Helen Addis, Sally admitted, "I saw that sticker and I thought - this isn't right, I need to go and get this checked out."

Following a biopsy, Sally received a diagnosis of invasive lobular breast cancer: "It's not great but it's fightable. We can battle it, we can beat it."

'My son's organs helped more than 50 people'

Lisa Wilson's life was turned upside down when two tragedies struck her family just months apart. Her 22-year-old son, Tom, died in a freak hockey accident and just eight weeks later her husband Graham died suddenly. Tom's decision to be a registered organ donor meant in his death he saved the lives of more than 50 others. Today, a baton bearing his name leaves London bound for Newcastle for this year's World Transplant Games.

Dr Hilary on the rise of Lyme disease

Alec Baldwin and Shania Twain are among the celebrities who've drawn attention to Lyme disease in recent years. Now Dr Hilary looks at how it could affect many people this summer, and ways of trying to prevent it. Also find out why yoghurts and Marmite could be creeping up your shopping list.

Keep cool in the heatwave

As temperatures across the UK soar to record-breaking levels, Dr Hilary Jones shares his tips for staying cool including placing icepacks under your armpits and investing in some cooling slippers. Dr Hilary also shares the signs and symptoms of heat exhaustion that we should all be aware of and what we can do to keep our pets safe in the heat.

Lifesaving Change and Check campaign has made its way to Parliament

In an extraordinary step forward for Lorraine's campaign to raise awareness of breast cancer, Change and Check was yesterday mentioned during PMQs in the House of Commons. MP for North Warwickshire and Bedworth Craig Tracey put the following question to Theresa May: 'Is the Prime Minister aware of the Change and Check campaign being run by Helen Addis, a member of the ITV Lorraine team?'