Ditch the diet and get the facts about getting healthy in 2019

January is a great time to begin a health-kick after an indulgent Christmas period, but what do you need to know about cutting out or reducing your intake of certain food groups? Dr Hilary tells us why Dry January could be a good idea and why Veganuary may not necessarily help you to lose weight, if that is your aim.

Finding an exercise class that you enjoy is a great way to get fit and have fun in 2019, but it's just 150 minutes of exercise that's recommended each week (not 150 hours!).

Dr Hilary explains how to keep colds at bay this winter

The cold season is upon us, and as is the way, when we take time off to celebrate Christmas with the family, we end up stuck indoors with a nasty cold. Typical isn’t it?

Fortunately, Dr Hilary is here with some tremendous tips on how to fend off colds. And what if you catch a cold? The TV doc also has some expert advice on how to cut a cold short.