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Jade Goody's life-saving legacy

This week marks the ten year anniversary since Jade Goody died of cervical cancer at the age of just 27. The news shocked the nation, and Jade died six months after receiving her diagnosis. The reality star spent much of the time she had left promoting life-saving awareness, urging woman to go for their cervical cancer screenings. On today's Lorraine, Jade's bridesmaid Charlene - and alongside her, Hayley and Georgina shared their support for Jade's legacy. Hayley and Georgina explain how Jade's story prompted them to attend their smear test appointments, which ultimately resulted in the early detection of cervical cancer and saved their lives.

Danielle Lloyd warns on the dangers of cosmetic surgery

Reality star Danielle Lloyd is urging people to not follow in her footsteps after a botched boob job left her fighting for her life. Having succumb to the pressures of being in the spotlight and a desire for perfection, Danielle decided to go under the knife in 2012. But everything didn't go to plan and she ended up losing six pints of blood after she suffered an infection. Danielle explains how she regrets her decision to have cosmetic surgery and fears for people out there who are considering going down the same path...

Transgender couple Hannah and Jake Graf are hoping to start a family via surrogacy

In an exclusive interview, Hannah and Jake Graf joined Lorraine to share their plans to become parents and reveal that they have begun their surrogacy journey. They have recently joined an agency in the hope of being matched with a surrogate but admit their worries surrounding the UK surrogacy law. Jake also discusses his role in new movie Colette alongside Keira Knightley and how he hopes it will inspire other transgender people.

Find out how the Royal Family are celebrating Christmas this year

With relations apparently frosty between Kate and Meghan, what's it going to be like for them and the rest of the Royal Family spending Christmas together at Sandringham? Royal Correspondent, Russel Myers, joins Lorraine to talk about whether there really is a 'royal rift' and reveals royal Christmas traditions such as eating scones baked in 50p pieces and making no less than seven outfit changes.