Will Harry and Meghan step away from public life?

In a shockingly honest and vulnerable interview with ITV's Tom Bradby, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have opened up about the strain of public life on their mental health. Harry also spoke of his relationship with his brother, Prince William, and how the two are 'on different paths'.

Dame Helen Mirren is Catherine the Great

Ahead of her new series tonight, Dame Helen Mirren tells Lorraine about why she had to 'act like a man' to get into character.

Dame Helen tells Lorraine about her unlikely friendship with Victoria Beckham, how she’s being ‘conned’ by Sir Ian McKellen and the one celebrity who makes her go ‘wobbly’'!

Plus would she ever return to her Oscar-winning role as The Queen?

Look who's wishing Lorraine a happy 35 years on TV!

I love the fact that you, like me, are inspired by Ernest Shackleton - you've got all of his tenacity and guts. Congratulations.

– Sir Kenneth Branagh

Ross King and Lorraine go way back, so how fitting for our man in LA to wish Lorraine a happy 35th with some of the showbiz world's biggest names revealing what makes Lorraine their undisputed Queen of Daytime!

Lorraine's 35 years of star interviews ⭐️

You're such a good interviewer! You know how you know you're a good interviewer? When it doesn't feel like an interview.

– Oprah Winfrey

Just look at the array of superstar guests Lorraine has interviewed over the years.

And from Oprah to Hanks to Clooney, they all have more than a nice word to say about our presenter!