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Sherrie Hewson finds out how the A-listers make themselves look younger

How do Jessica Alba, Kirsten Dunst and the Kardashians look so fresh-faced? Sherrie Hewson is in LA to try out the treatments and see if it’s really possible to make yourself look younger.

Today Sherrie’s meets the beauty therapist responsible for keeping the Kardashian’s looking youthful and puts the ultimate Hollywood makeover to the test.

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Davina's rolled omelette

Davina says: "It’s good to make this omelette in a fairly large pan so it’s nice and thin and easy to roll up. Obviously you can vary the fillings as you like, but this spinach and salmon version is my favourite. It’s really healthy, beautifully easy and quick to make and soooooo delish."

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Get the royal glow

With Harry and Meghan’s big day just around the corner, skincare expert Sarah Chapman is back to share more secrets to get the Royal Glow. Sarah reveals the one simple beauty trick that takes under two minutes, and will leave you sparkling like Markle every day!

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Model gets eyebrow tattoos live on Lorraine

Helen Mirren swears by it, but would you be brave enough?

Today our model Heide took the plunge and got her eyebrows tattooed live on the show.

Eyebrows are so important in framing your face which in turn helps maintain your youthfulness.

But the thought of getting a permanent treatment isn’t for you, celebrity makeup artist Ruby Hammer also has some great tips you can do yourself.

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