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Yewande lays it on thick with Danny

Video guidance This video contains strong language

After getting plenty of flirting tips from the Islanders, Yewande decides it's time to start laying it on thick with Danny. Arabella is suspicious about how genuine Yewande's feelings for Danny are...

Anton bags a date with Arabella

Video guidance This video contains strong language

Anton is more than excited to be going out on a date with Arabella, so let's hope he's forgotten to bring his unlucky breath spray! The Islanders are quick to give him their advice, iron his trousers and shower him in aftershave to make sure he makes the best first impression possible.

Arabella's arrival leaves the Islanders in shock

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It's time for our Islanders to rise and shine... and there's no better morning treat than a new girl waiting in the garden to spice things up! Curtis is completely stunned as he spots Arabella chilling by the pool while getting his morning coffee and wastes no time telling the others...

8 times Anna was the BFF we needed

If Love Island were Best Friend Island, Anna would've claimed the crown already! Not only is our gorgeous pharmacist great at giving relationship advice, but she'll big up her best mates at any given moment. We could all do with being a bit more Anna, couldn't we?

Let's take a look at all the moments that have made us love her so far...

1. When she said what we were all thinking about Yewande.

"I don't think she realises how beautiful she is, inside and out." PREACH!

2. When she made Lucie feel totally chill about not hanging out with the girls.

She told a teary Lucie: "If you're comfortable and don't at any point feel left out... then that's all that matters." What a gem.

FIRST LOOK: Danny's head is turned by new girl Arabella

Video guidance This video contains strong language

New girl Arabella chooses Danny for a romantic date, leaving his relationship with Yewande in the balance as she struggles to admit her feelings. There's a second date to come for our bombshell and a villa full of boys to choose from... what could possibly go wrong?

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7 things we learnt on day 17

Some couples were hotting up while others were cooling off on day 17, as Yewande and Danny questioned whether they had a future together in the villa. Amber and Michael enjoyed some time away from the other Islanders on a romantic date, where Amber finally admitted her feelings for the firefighter. A heartbroken Lucie was comforted by the boys after saying goodbye to Joe, and Jordan and Anna enjoyed a 10/10 first kiss. Here's what we learnt.

1. Anton's A+ advice is giving Curtis a run for his money

Devastated after Joe was sent packing, Lucie turned to Anton as she contemplated her future in the villa. "I don't know what to do now," she tearfully told him.

After offering her his jacket (CUTE), he hugged her and said: "You need to remember why you came here. Think about what you came here for."

"Stay strong. I’m here for you as well now."


2. Moon chat never looked so flirty

They say the full moon can be a powerful thing. And the gravitational pull of Anna to Jordan definitely seemed to be intensifying as they cosied up on the day bed.

"Isn’t it mad that no matter where you are, you’re looking at the same moon?" Anna pointed out as she cuddled up to the model.
"Yeah it freaks me out. It does," he replied.

Exciting stuff...

3. Curtis might be running out of timely advice

He's been the villa's resident agony uncle since day 1, but it looks like Curtis might be running out of wisdom. Entirely unsurprising given the amount of triangles, squares and wayward shapes that the Islanders have found themselves in.

"From now on nobody should take anything for granted," Curtis advised as the Islanders got ready for bed. "Never watch the clock. Be the clock. Keep ticking, moving forward," he added.

We're sure a timely night's sleep is all that's needed...

4. Maura and Tom's heat is hitting record lows

Maura's never been backward about coming forward with the guys she fancies, but her chat with Tom somehow brought their flirting to a complete halt.

Debriefing with the guys afterwards, she told them: "It was grand… but I just don’t know. I am attracted to him, I just think there’s something missing."

5. Jordan is giving us some serious 90s boyband nostalgia

The hair. The threads. We just need some buffalo shoes and a tamagotchi and we're good to go.

6. Danny and Yewande are looking shaky and we CAN'T DEAL

"At what point do I have to stop and look and think, 'I deserve more than this'?" A torn Danny asked Anton.

"I feel like no-one understands when I keep saying, I. Don't. Like. Talking. About. How. I. Feel," Yewande ranted to Curtis.

*the nation's hearts break*

7. Anna and Jordan are GO

Just when we thought Jordan was going to bottle going in for a kiss, Anna took matters into her own hands and one of the steamiest snogs of the series was ON. Talk about sexual chemistry - and Jordan got a perfect 10/10 score from Anna as she spilled the tea with the girls later. Looks like this pair are hotting up...