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6 things we learnt on day 18

The villa was well and truly in the mood for love on day 18, which was a mighty relief after the ice cold vibes that had been sweeping over the place. Laura and Wes made up in style, marking the formation of the Do Bits Society, Megan and Eyal got a LOT closer in the Hideaway, Jack made the bed for Dani before hopping into the tub for a romantic bath with Wes (yes, Wes) and Adam even admitted he was developing feelings for Zara. Dr Alex must have been dishing out his love potion...
But it was new arrival Sam that made his mark on the villa, digging Adam out seconds after he'd walked in the door. We can't see these two boys sharing a bath anytime soon... Here's what else we learnt.

Megan and Eyal take a trip to the Hideaway

Video guidance This video contains strong language and sexual content

Thanks to a vote from their pals, Megan and Eyal have got a night away from the chaos of the shared bedroom, and they take the opportunity to get to know each other verrry well!

New guy Sam ruffles Adam's feathers

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THIS is how you make an entrance! New boy Sam has barely been in the villa 5 minutes, but he's already making an impact. When the Islanders ask him why he's come on the show, his brave response shuts. Adam. down!

All about Sam

Our 25-year-old entrepreneur isn't just bringing business acumen to the villa this summer, he says he wants to bring the energy too!

- Sam feels the boys are chilled and laid back, but hopes our girls are 'waiting for someone with a bit of energy'. He describes himself as 'hyperactive, loud and a showman'. For some reason we're suddenly realising Sam isn't going to blend into the background and be quiet in the corner...

Adam admits he's caught feelings for Zara

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Here's something we didn't think we'd be saying yet/ever... Playboy Adam has caught feelings! In a v cute moment, Zara makes her move and gives him a snog (in front of Rosie. Awks), but the conversation that follows leaves everyone in shock.

Eyal and Megan have a grape day out

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Eyal and Megan must be bored(eaux) of being stuck in the villa, so we're taking them to a vineyard before they start wine(ing). Megan's in her element, but will the chat go down as smoothly as the vino?

The 'Do Bits Society' is born

Video guidance This video contains strong language and sexual references

After a cheeky night of doing 'bits' with Laura, Wes has created 'The Do Bits Society', but the rules of entry are very strict...