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    Faye's worries about Teddy are exposed!

    Faye's feelings towards Teddy whilst he was away at Casa Amor are revealed at movie night in front of the whole villa!

    Liberty finds out Jake's true feelings...

    A previous convo Jake had about Liberty is exposed in front of everyone and the truth isn't pretty...

    Faye has a wobble thinking about a future with Teddy

    With leaving the villa and being with Teddy on Faye's mind, concerns are arising about whether they would really suit on the outside!

    Hugo, Amy, Clarisse & Sam are dumped from the villa

    After a public vote left three couples at risk of being dumped from the villa, the decision to save one boy and one girl was left up to the remaining Islanders.

    FIRST LOOK: The truth comes out at movie night!

    The Islanders are thrilled at the chance to relive moments from the series. What secrets will come out of the woodwork and will tensions rise to breaking point?

    Tyler calls it off with Clarisse to focus on Kaz

    Since Tyler's return from Casa Amor, his head has been truly scrambled. But, he's now decided to commit to Kaz which means calling it quits with Clarisse.

    The Islanders get saucy in Playing The Field!

    In the latest challenge, the boys must protect the girls from getting covered in sauce before competing in a snogathon!

    Hugo & Amy have an honest chat about where they're at

    Since coming back from Casa Amor as a couple, the spark for Hugo & Amy hasn't stayed and the two of them come to terms with where they're both at.

    Abigail has second thoughts about coupling up with Dale

    In a tricky recoupling situation, Abigail chose Dale only to find out Mary had her eyes on him.

    FIRST LOOK: A dumping is inbound...

    Tensions begin to rise between Matthew and Kaz following a conversation with Tyler, and it's time to see the results of the public vote...

    It's recoupling time & the power is in the girls' hands

    There's been plenty of drama since the Casa Amor recoupling and now, the boys' fate is in the girls' hands!

    Liam takes the stage to get back his Millie Moo

    In a bid to win his one & only Millie Moo back, Liam takes the stage with a heartfelt speech she won't forget.

    A superstar bombshell starts the villa party!

    Singing sensation Mabel hits the villa for a special poolside performance!

    Toby & Chloe decide to give it another try!

    Toby & Chloe lay all their cards on the table after realising that the grass might not be greener on the other side...

    FIRST LOOK: The girls have the power in a huge recoupling!

    Tonight the girls take their pick in a recoupling and a very special guest hits the villa! Plus, Toby makes his comeback... how will Chloe take it?!

    Tinder's Calling for Casa Amor

    We had some BIG questions for our dumped Islanders from Casa Amor. Watch now 👀

    Kaz & Tyler come to blows… again!

    Kaz reaches boiling point with Tyler's indecisiveness! Will he ever be able to give her 100%?

    Kaz & Clarisse open up about Tyler

    The girls get down to the nitty gritty and reveal what Tyler's been saying to them both individually...

    Millie pulls Chloe to spill the tea on Toby’s feelings for her

    After Millie’s earlier revelation that Toby’s missing Chloe, she finds the time to let her mate know the goss!

    Toby tells Millie a little secret

    Toby's head is turned once again and this time it's looking back in the direction of Chloe! But will she take him back?

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