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    FIRST LOOK: Toby's fuming at Hugo following the recoupling drama

    Toby & Hugo clash after that recoupling speech and Jake plans an extra special date for Liberty!

    Toby makes his decision & Hugo's recoupling speech leaves everyone shocked

    In one of the most dramatic recouplings yet, Toby makes his decision between Chloe and Abigail which results in a fiery speech from Hugo.

    Are Chloby over?

    After their fallout the night before, things only become more confusing for Chloe and Toby...

    Chloe & Toby clash as Abigail makes her intentions known

    Things get heated between Chloe and Toby after he makes it clear that he wants to get to know Abigail...

    Kaz & Tyler share a kiss on the terrace

    A chat on the terrace between Kaz and Tyler ends in the cutest way possible!

    FIRST LOOK: Trouble in Paradise!

    Abi makes a beeline for Toby, causing him and Chloe to come to blows! Meanwhile, Kaz gets to know her man and news of a dumping shocks the Islanders!

    Abigail gets her graft on with Toby

    Tensions rise between Toby and Chloe after Abigail's arrival...

    New boy Tyler has his eyes on Kaz

    It might just be the time when Kaz finds her man!

    Make way for Georgia, Tyler & Abigail!

    Not one but THREE banging bombshells arrive at the villa and are ready to shake things up!

    Danny & AJ are dumped from the villa

    The Islanders face a tricky decision, to send one vulnerable boy and one vulnerable girl home...

    FIRST LOOK: Two Islanders get dumped but prepare for THREE hot new arrivals

    A disco turns into a dumping tonight. It's goodbye to two of our Islanders but hello to three newbies...

    Hugo tells AJ how he really feels

    After Hugo breaks things off with AJ, Danny wastes no time in making his move on her!

    Liberty spills the tea on Jiberty’s night time antics

    The couple take things up a notch in their relationship and Liberty has a sly way of telling the girls!

    Faye & Teddy have their first date out of the villa

    Faye & Teddy reveal their true feelings for each other on a romantic date outside of the villa.

    Kaz & Toby have some unfinished business to sort!

    Kaz gets real with Toby about the way he made her feel that night he kissed Chloe on the terrace...

    FIRST LOOK: Kaz & Toby come to blows and a text calls for a dumping!

    Kaz and Toby attempt to solve their unfinished business, a dumping looms over the villa and the Islanders get in the 70s spirit!

    Things heat up between Aaron & Lucinda!

    Aaron's grafting pays off and the pair have their first kiss outside of a challenge.

    The Islanders play Snog, Marry, Pie!

    We might be able to work out who they want to snog or marry, but who will they pie?

    Will Danny throw the towel in already?

    Danny's not convinced Lucinda is as into him as she says and doesn't want to waste any time.

    Chloe & Toby have a sweet time in The Hideaway

    Chloe & Toby can't keep their hands to themselves when it's their turn to visit The Hideaway!

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