Alexandra Cane

FIRST LOOK: It's hotting up for Alex and Alexandra

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Alexandra's feeling giddy and there's one reason why... her and Alex have been getting closer under the covers! Alex Squared really are back on track and their fellow Islanders are made up, but the mood is ruined when news of a dumping hits the villa.

One couple pack their bags, tonight at 9pm.

Alex wins Alexandra back with some role play

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Hugh Grant eat your heart out! Jack and Dani's plan for Alex to impress Alexandra with his finest role play skills turns out to be a roaring success. And the Oscar goes to...

FIRST LOOK: Alex lays it on Alexandra, and Laura's got competition

Video guidance This video contains strong language

It's been a rocky few days for Alex and Alexandra and the doctor knows he's got to put the work in to win her over, so Jack and Dani cook up a little role-play plan to get the couple back on track.

Laura and Paul are enjoying getting to know each other now that they're safely coupled up, but things get a bit icky when he reveals he's got history with a mega popstar!

Laura has a meltdown while Jack's on a date

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Laura's working herself up about Jack's date with new girl Alexandra, but she's got nothing to worry about, because Jack's busy proving his loyalty over a nice light brunch.

Alex bags a date with new girl Alexandra

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New girl Alexandra has got her pick of the boys before she's even arrived, and the whole villa is buzzing when she chooses Alex as her first date. Will the doctor keep his cool during brunch?

All about Alexandra

- Make up artist Alexandra's on hand to offer some top beauty tips to her fellow Islanders, but which boy will she be laying her foundations with?

- The 27-year-old from Hertfordshire is a whole lot of FUN. She says, "I’m always the life and soul of the party and I’m a bit of a joker. I’m just always super positive and I love life."

- The fun could easily stop though if Alexandra gets too much for her fellow Islanders. Talking about her bad habits, she says, "I’m quite loud which can get annoying." Let's hope she isn't too much to handle in the villa, or she'll have lots of making up to do...

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