All about Ovie

Professional basketball player Ovie reckons he's a bit of a wildcard. Will this tall (he's 6'7"!), dark and handsome Londoner prove a hit with our Love Island ladies? Here's everything you need to know about Ovie...

- His basketball career began aged 16. Since then he's lived in 6 different countries and played for Great Britain. But watch out boys, Ovie reckons all that basketball makes him really competitive "it comes with my job, it’s built into my DNA".

- With celeb crushes Meghan Markle and Rihanna, Ovie likes a fiery girl who can be herself. Of our villa girls he likes the look of Anna, "she has consistently been on my radar" he confessed. How exciting!

- He fully intends to be loyal, but he admits there's a possibility he'll have a wandering eye and will move on if he finds a better mental connection with another girl. He doesn't doubt himself though: "I’m not going to be disrespectful, I’m confident I bring enough to the table."

- His basketball schedule doesn't give him much dating time, but he does admit to creeping into the DMs now and again. He likes conversation, not clubbing "I see having a mental connection as very attractive".

Handsome and deep..? It's a slam dunk from us!

All About Belle

21-year-old bombshell Belle is looking to liven up the villa, but will she find love while she’s at it? Get the lowdown on this stunning single lady.

- Belle is a self-certified triple F - “fun, funny and flirty”.

- The 21-year-old doesn’t have a physical type, but looks for “honesty and someone who is funny, genuine and can look after me.” We’re sure she won’t be short of offers of a morning cup of coffee…

- This blonde babe rates herself a “solid 8 or 9” of out 10, and says her “eyes and boobs get the most compliments”. There’s no time to be shy in the Love Island villa, so we can’t knock the confidence!

- Belle’s been cheated on before, so unsurprisingly it’s her biggest turn off. But she admits, “It is a different environment in the villa and so you could act a bit out of character,” before adding: “I can’t see myself cheating if I really like someone.”

- Does she worry about treading on toes? “I do and I don’t. “If there is a connection there, then I will go for it. You have to do what you’ve got to do.”

Mind your feet ladies, Belle’s strapping on her heels on as we speak…

All about Dan

With good looks on tap, bathroom salesman Dan is here to make a splash in the villa and hopes his gift of the gab will bag him a girl. Here's all about Dan...

- 21-year-old Dan is a self-proclaimed cheeky chap and rates himself a 10 in the looks department. "I’m confident, possibly too confident at times… so that could be a good or a bad thing" he added "I think I’m good looking, I get told I am anyway." We'll let the girls be the judge of that Dan!

- He loves a talkative girl. "My perfect girl is someone I can have a laugh with, someone who is easy going and someone I have a good connection with". He's put off by girls who are a push over, or too loud. "I like confidence, but not in a way that the attention always has to be on them"

- He's hedging his bets when it comes to the Islanders, and he's got his eye on Amber, Lucie and Maura in the villa but he says he'll speak to all the girls. Form a queue ladies!

- Once he's made his choice though, he's sticking to it...maybe. "If I like someone, I won’t wander. But if I’m coupled up with someone and feel I have a better connection with someone else, it’d be stupid not to pursue it."

All About Dennon

Pro-footballer Dennon is used to scoring goals, but will he hit the back of the net when it comes to our stunning Islanders? Here’s all you need to know.

- Dennon reckons he’s a good all-rounder. “I’m funny, energetic, very positive and have decent banter.” What more could our ladies want?

- The 22-year-old admits he’s not a morning person and can have a short temper, so the Islanders will need to approach carefully before he’s had his morning coffee!

- Dennon rates himself an “8 out of 10” and says his face is his best feature. Let’s hope those beautiful features don’t have to dodge any pies while he’s in the villa…

- This footballer’s not afraid to lay it on thick while the boys are away, telling us: “I’m not going to hold back. We’re all in there for the same reason and I don’t know the boys so I have no loyalties.” Spicy!

- Lucie and Maura have caught his eye, and he says of the Irish beauty: “She’s really feisty and could be a handful.”

- Will our latest signing score man of the match with one of our ladies? Only one way to find out…

All about George

Chisel-jawed builder George brings his Essex charm to the villa, and is looking for some excitement! He's been staying in, working out and preparing for his time in the sun and can't wait to get started. Here's all about George...

- George has been on a health kick for the last 6 months and hasn't been on the dating scene so is really excited to get started grafting our girls in the villa instead of out on the town. "I’m hoping I’ll have better luck meeting them in a different environment to a nightclub!" he joked.

- He's had a few dating disasters in the past and admits he's been taken for a ride, saying "I've definitely been catfished - but so has everyone, right?" erm..not us George!

- His perfect girl is someone positive and outgoing and as always, he's looking for that elusive connection. Given his choice of celebs though, he'd plump for Kim Kardashian or Nicole Scherzinger, and has his eye on Amber and Anna in the villa.

- He's the loyal type though "I've never had a wandering eye...and I've never cheated" He believes in bro code and thinks he's going to be besties with Tommy and Anton.

Let's hope George builds a few relationships in the villa!

All About Joanna

Straight-talking Joanna is ready to tell the Islanders a few home truths and shake up the villa! Here's what you need to know…

- 22-year-old Joanna is a recruitment consultant from London.

- She’s got her eye on Tom and Anton, and thinks she’ll get along with Molly-Mae and Amber out of the girls. “I can see that Molly stands up for what she believes in, like me, and I think I’ll get on with Amber because we’re both straight up.”

- We’re not sure her definition of girl code will prove popular. “If a girl is coupled up with someone and you want to get to know that person, then girl code for me is explaining exactly how you’re feeling to the other girl,” Joanna tells us. Let’s see how that goes down shall we?

- Joanna is excited to get off the dating apps in her quest for love. “When someone is behind a screen or on an app they can fake who they are but by meeting them in person, you can suss out who they are,” she says.

- This athletic arrival rates herself a 7 out of 10, and says her “cute little button nose” gets a lot of compliments. Will she be using it to sniff out the drama?

- So what’s Joanna looking for in a man? “The perfect guy to me is someone who will give their all in a relationship and someone who has got a bit of banter and who is selfless.” Step right up, boys!

All about Jourdan

Essex girl Jourdan has been spotted in the pages of Vogue Italia, so we’re sure she’ll have no problems catching the eye of one of our Islanders…

- A model and actress by day, Jourdan reckons it’s her ‘bubbly personality’ that makes her the perfect Islander.

- Ready to tread on toes to get what she wants, Jourdan is going to keep focussed on the task in hand… But she’ll ‘never be disrespectful’, though. Phew!

- In no particular order, Michael and Danny are on her list of possible future boyfs… oh and Jordan! Watch out Anna…

- Her dream man is fun, full of banter and very family orientated. They also need to be spontaneous and a fan of ‘keeping it fun and fresh’!

- ‘Arrogance is a big no no’ says Jourdan, which is really very understandable. Fingers crossed there's someone on the Island of love for her...

All About Lavena

23-year-old Lavena is our business babe from London. She’s got the brains AND the beauty, but will she catch the eye of any of our boys?

- Lavena’s been a single girl for four years now, so she’s ready for the real deal. “I needed a while to get over my last relationship and really enjoy myself before I could commit to someone. But now I’m very much ready.”

- This brunette bombshell is guilty of flaking on dates and ghosting a few fellas in the past. There’s no chance of ghosting in the villa, so will she be able to face the heat of all those love triangles our Islanders seem so good at making?

- Lavena says her biggest turn off is, “a guy talking to other girls, that really turns me off.” We can’t see that happening. At all. Nope…

- And she’s absolutely not afraid to step on the existing girls’ toes, telling us: “I don’t really care. I’m there to find love. As everyone says it’s not Friend Island. I’m not afraid to say it how it is.” *orders the popcorn*

- This confident babe has her eye on Tom, Danny and Anton, so it’s all to play for in that hot, hot villa!