All about Maria

With her eye on Anton and a passion for getting her own way, VIP host Maria is ready to stir things up…

- The brunette beauty doesn’t do relationships by halves, admitting that once she’s attached to someone, she’s ‘very attached.’

- Yes, her lips are all hers! The natural beauty rates herself a ‘strong seven or a weak eight’ but admits that her pout is her best feature, and we really couldn't agree more.

- Anton’s a bit of her (and we’re sure he’ll be thrilled!, she told us: ‘When I first saw him, I was not attracted to him but now I’ve watched him and got to know him, he’s funny and sweet. ‘

- The perfect man for Maria doesn’t have to be gorgeous, but ‘they do need to look after themselves and be groomed.’ Well luckily for Anton he’s all about the grooming (shout out to his mum for shaving his bum!)

- Lucie and Maura are going to be Maria’s go to BFFs if she ever gets to meet them, and we think they’ll be as thick as thieves in no time!

All about Marvin

This semi pro footballer and personal trainer isn’t afraid to speak his mind, so let’s find out more about him and what he’s after in a future gf…

- Marvin isn't afraid to stir things up in the villa, as he tells us he's an open book: “I am very ambitious, I look after myself and I’m always very honest, even if that might be controversial."

- He’s got his eye on Lucie right now, but at the same time he’s also interested in Anna. Though that could all change once he’s in, we just hope he can make up his mind once he meets them!

- Marvin admits that he’s cheated in the past, and has also been on the other end of the situation. Thankfully that’s a ‘phase’ he’s come out of now. Phew!

- Jessica Alba is his celeb crush, alas she was too busy this year to pop by the villa.

- Not only did Marvin also used to be in the Navy, he’s also Harry Redknapp’s PT!

All About Nabila

Nabila adds to the stunning line-up of models in the villa. Will she work those angles and catch the eye of one of our boys?

- Feisty Nabila is more than ready to shake up our cosy looking couples, telling us: “I don’t think they are in ‘relationships’ really yet. It’s only been a few weeks so I don’t see treading on toes as a big deal.”

- This 29-year-old says she’s the Arabian Princess the villa has been missing. “I like my eyes and my hips are really shapely so I like my hourglass figure,” she says, adding: “I’m exciting, bubbly and if I want something I’ll go for it.”

- So who out of our buff boys has Nabila got her eye on? “Anton’s cheeky and I think he’s misunderstood by the girls in the villa. he’s got a great personality and he is funny.” Could the Scot’s bad luck in love be about to change?

- This stunner’s turn offs are “showing off” and guys who are “materialistic”. She laughs: “As if a guy’s car or watch is going to make me want them!”

- Nabila’s usual dating tactic is to be friends with a guy first. But there’s no time for that on Love Island, and she’s prepared to turn her head for the right guy: “It’s a game show. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with finding someone else attractive and giving it a go.”

Let’s find out whose head will spin for Nabila!

All about Stevie

Hailing from the Isle of Man, Stevie is ready to take his search for love overseas and move onto real life grafting, instead of endless swiping on the apps…

- He’s a happy-go-lucky kinda guy, using ‘cheerful, happy, charming and funny’ to describe himself.

- Stevie’s got his eyes on Lucie right now, going so far as to call her his ‘number one’ choice.

- “I want to keep everyone happy but again it is Love Island so you can’t tread on eggshells around people, you need to get what you want so I’ll do whatever it takes within reason,” says the student.

- Don’t go being grumpy around Stevie, as that his biggest turn off in a girl…

- An over-thinker with no filter, we can’t wait to see what Stevie brings to our TV screens!

All About Arabella

Our newest arrival is a stunning model from London who’s ready to bring loads of energy to the villa! Get to know Arabella...

Banter babe Arabella says she’ll take the role of villa joker, telling us: “I really like playing fun tricks on people.” Could she and fellow banter boss Anton laugh their way to romance?

It may be all fun and games, but when it comes to romance the 28-year-old is looking for the real deal. “After my last relationship, I’m so ready in my mind to find somebody. I know what I want... I’ve learnt different things about what I want.”

She admits she’s got her eye on Michael and Danny - there may well be fireworks if she treads on Amber’s toes!

The London stunner describes herself as confident, positive and talkative. But what about bad habits? “I’m very competitive - and I’m always rushing to things. I leave everything to the last minute.” Let’s hope that doesn’t include finding the man of her dreams…

Having previously worked alongside Jason Momoa, she says the actor is definitely her celeb crush. “We had to train with him, and I remember this guy bear crawling towards me and I was like ‘oh my god, he is so hot.’”

Arabella’s perfect match needs to be familiar with the gym. “They have to look like they work out - but not too much,” she says, adding: “For me someone like Anton is a bit too ‘right’." Is that another pie for the Scotsman, or could his charm win this worldie over?

And what does Arabella look for in personality? “Personality wise I have a lot of love to give and I like it if someone returns that and makes me feel special. I like a charmer and someone that makes me laugh.”

This model says a lot of the guys she meets at work are arrogant - and this is an immediate turn off for our blonde bombshell.

This hottie doesn’t have her eye on the single guys in the villa, so what’s her plan? “It’s the nature of the show that you have to tread on toes. If a guy is giving me a half way in, I’ll keep trying.”

But Arabella reckons she’ll get on best with Maura and Molly-Mae, and knows the line when it comes to girl code. You have to tell the girls at first opportunity that you’re in there for the same reason as they are.”

Get ready for some action, Arabella has arrived!

All about Jordan

Self-confessed joker Jordan is bringing his bubbly banter to the villa. Will it be enough to win over the girls and find love? Only time will tell, but we can't wait to find out. Here's all you need to know...

- This Manchester model rates himself a solid 9.8 out of 10 - nobody's perfect! He reckons his hair, his jawline and his laid-back attitude are his best features and who are we to argue?
- On the flip side, Jordan's worst trait is clumsiness, having spilled the drinks on a first date in the past. I wonder what his celebrity crush Jennifer Lopez would make of that?
- This hot new arrival is 24 years old.

- When it comes to girls, he's looking for someone who has got nice eyes, good energy and good banter, someone who doesn’t take themselves too seriously but is career driven. "I like them to be fiery," he said.
- When he's found the girl, he's ready to whisk her away at a moment's notice. "I’m the sort of guy who will book to go on a city break on a Friday and then go on the Saturday"
- But there'll be no romantic weekends if you're a fan of drama or you've got a loud annoying laugh. "I don’t like really overly dramatic girls. I like girls who are more laid back and chilled, like me. I don’t like drama or people who are high maintenance."

- He's a lone wolf in the villa and willing to go for what he wants. "I’m going in on my own, although I want to get along with the lads because I’m a lads’ lad, I’m there for myself so if I see a girl I want, I’m going to go for it."
- It might take Jordan a while to commit to his girl, when he has he's 100% loyal. "But only if I meet the right girl"

Will any of our Islanders bring out Jordan's loyal side? We'll be watching to find out!

All about Tom

Leeds-boy Tom adds another model to our villa mix. If he looks familiar, you might have seen him in a TV advert or a billboard, but will he be a model Islander? Here's everything you need to know about him...

- Tom thinks his best trait is being nosy (yes, that's a first for us too!) "I enjoy asking questions and getting to know people." he said, "I get on with everyone".
- The 29-year-old's got his own opinions though and doesn't shy away from a good discussion or a DMC. We're SO here for those chats in the villa.
- He likes to meet girls IRL and steers away from dating apps. He's looking for a girl who lets him be himself and "someone who has got an energy for life, enjoys travelling and socialising." Plus if you look like Michelle Keegan, get to the front of the queue!

- As a bombshell, Tom knows he might need to step on some toes to get what he wants, despite being one of the lads. " I’ve got to do what I’ve got to do. We’re all in there for the same reason" he confessed.
- It's the same with the girls admitted our chisel-jawed lad: "Never say never to the wandering eye because it’s the way of the show. You feel like you’re really into one person but then who knows?"
- But it doesn't mean he's going to rush into anything. "I will make calculated decisions and I’m not going to go rushing in. But I’m loyal so I don’t think I’ll be messing people around too much."

Sounds like this bombshell could be explosive!

All About Elma

Elma is an eyelash technician from Essex, and this firecracker is ready to spice up the villa! Here’s everything you need to know about our newest bombshell.

- This Essex girl says more than one previous Islander has been her type on paper. “If I could get Jack Fowler and Jack Fincham and merge them into one person, that would be my perfect guy.”

- The 26-year-old also fancies a bit of Tom Hardy, so let’s hope there’s a bad boy in there to catch her eye.

- Unusually, Elma rates her ears as her best feature. You do you, right!?

- Poor Elma hasn’t had the best luck in love, and claims the Britney Spears banger ‘Toxic’ is the song to sum up her past relationships. Will it go from toxic to tantalising this summer?

- What’s the best way to approach this stunning single? “All my relationships come from Instagram, people sliding into my DMs. I’m a girlfriend girl; I’m not into seeing loads of people.”

- Let’s hope our guys are staying squeaky clean on the island, because her biggest turn off is hygiene. “If someone doesn’t smell nice, I’m not going to go near them.”

- This brunette babe is big on girl code, but she’s going into the villa for love and will do what it takes to bag her man. “It is part of the show. It’s kind of every person for themselves,” she says. We can't wait to see how this one unfolds…

- So who has Elma got her eye on in the villa? “At the moment I like Danny. He’s pleasing to the eye. Tommy is nice too, but he’s quite young. His head gets turned a lot.”

- And what about the girls? “I think I’d get on with Yewande. She’s a scientist and my brother studies physics. But you could put me in any social group and I’ll always get on with people.”

This “big ball of energy” is about to make her presence known in the villa! Let’s shake things up…