Anton Danyluk

Anton puts his foot in his mouth while grafting Anna

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Anna is newly single so Anton thought it would be a good chance to tell her how he feels about her. But he seems to have put his foot straight in his mouth as his chat goes downhill quickly and Michael and Amber swoop in to give him some much-needed advice!

7 times we found ourselves backing Anton

This year's self-confessed class clown has been pied more times than we can count, but despite having no luck with the ladies in the villa so far, he's definitely winning us over.

Not only has he stayed positive in the face of very blatant rejection, but the Scotsman has given his fellow Islanders some very good advice - and made us all giggle while he's at it. Oh and those muscles aren't too bad either...

Here are just a few times we've wanted to give him a big high five (and possibly a bit of cuddle).

1. When he thought Anna was going to pick him in the recoupling, but then got absolutely pied.

Never has a facial expression changed so quickly.

2. When he gave Yewande a pep talk about still being single and lifted all of our spirits.

There's always a career in motivational speaking for you if you don't find love in the villa, Anton.

FIRST LOOK: Anton cracks on to Anna

Video guidance This video contains strong language

Anton throws a curveball Sherif's way as he reveals he wants to crack on with Anna. Tommy and Joe are still surfing Lucie's wave, while Curtis and Amy are looking loved up. Joe sets his sights on Amber, but he's got his work cut out.

Anton tries grafting Lucie

Video guidance This video contains strong language

Despite being coupled up with Amy for a whole few hours, that wandering eye of Anton's gets the better of him when he makes a move on Lucie on the very first night in the villa.

All about Anton

This 24-year-old Scot rates himself a solid 8 out of 10 in the looks department. But on considering the whole package, he reckons ‘you can bump it up a little bit.’ Will Anton be someone's 10/10 in the villa? Find out more about this buff boy here...

- As the owner of his own gym Anton's obvs got the body as well as the face, and he’s ready to show it off at a moments notice!

- Our Anton is no stranger to drama, having been caught cheating on his girlfriend in his last relationship...

- He’s the first to admit that he can be ‘a bit moody’ and ‘an overthinker’.

- As a determined young entrepreneur, his number one turn off is a girl who lives off her parents. Businesswomen of the world, assemble!

- His perfect match? “She has to be hardworking and good looking. Blonde hair is usually my type. They have to be into the gym because it’s such a big part of my life, so it’s important that it’s a big part of their life as well.”

- Gym obsessed Anton is all about the bro code, but if a girl is determined to couple with him then ‘it’s up to her’. Eek, bring on the recoupling...

- Even though he bought himself a Porsche when he was just 21-years-old, Anton doesn’t want his future girlfriend to be all about that lifestyle, telling us: “It shouldn’t matter what I was driving, whether that be a Corsa or a Porsche…” Either way, let's hope Anton's love life is heading for the fast lane!

- Margot Robbie is his dream woman, although sadly she had other commitments this summer. Sorry, Anton!

- Plot twist: Anton has a ‘wandering eye’. So keep your girls close lads, or Anton might whisk them away - all the way back to Scotland!

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