The internet reacts to Greg and Amber winning Love Island 2019

They've only gone and done it! Huge congrats to your 2019 winners, Greg and Amber.

They pair swiped the top spot after a short yet perfect romance, leaving the villa with that coveted winning title and beaming smiles on their faces - not to mention a cool £50,000...

You all loved watching their moment of victory, tweeting your absolute joy throughout the electric live final. So let's take a look at what you had to say...

This tweeter made Amber and Greg's win sound like something out of a noughties rom com.

Ovie will officially be stanned until the end of time.

10 most tweeted about moments of Love Island 2019

We've got one word for this series of Love Island: UNREAL.

This summer of love has given us so many unforgettable moments, all of which have sent tongues wagging and fingers frantically typing across the globe.

So, who wants to find out what's sent the internet into a frenzy over the past nine weeks? Let's take a look at your most tweeted about moments of the series...

1. Amber returns from Casa Amor to find Michael recoupled

Probably the most dramatic moment of the series, the nation watched in disbelief as Amber walked into the villa ready to rejoin Michael, only to find Michael recoupled with new girl Joanna! We won't be forgetting this night in a hurry, and it takes the top spot as your most tweeted about moment of Love Island 2019.

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10 best celebrity tweets of Love Island 2019

This sensational summer of love hasn't just grabbed the attention of us everyday folk - celebs across the globe are totally hooked too!

Singers, presenters and all manner of famous faces have been enjoying the villa antics all series long, sharing their deepest thoughts online for the world to see. So what else is there to do but round up our faves?

Have a scroll and see what these top notch celebs have been saying...

The nation's favourite girlband are clearly big fans of Tommy's unique vocabulary.

Jake Quickenden sums up precisely why Tommy and Yewande would never work in one very poetic tweet.

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10 strongest looks of the series

The Islanders have not only influenced our love lives this summer, but they've deeply inspired our wardrobes too!

We've seen them don some of the finest outfits of the year, from sequin shorts (jealous) to satin kimonos (extra jealous) and everything in between.

It's almost impossible to pick out 10 of the best looks from everything we've witnessed over the past nine weeks, but we've done our very best with this selection of sartorial sensations. Scroll and enjoy!

1. Carnival Curtis comes to town

There's something quite understated about pair of metallic hot pants and a feathered headpiece, don't you think?

2. Anton goes neon

We're big fans of an offensively bright vest top for the gym, and it seems Anton is too.

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10 times our Islanders gave us the warm and fuzzies

We know it's BOILING outside, but who's ready to have their heart warmed even more?

The villa has been full to the brim with good vibes this summer, with our Islanders coming together to show love and support when things get tough. Honestly, friendship goals doesn't begin to cover it!

So before the series comes to an end *sobs uncontrollably*, let's take a look back at all of the times the Islanders have made us feel warm and fuzzy inside.

1. When Tommy and Elly-Belly pined for Molly-Mae

Separated for days by Casa Amor, Tommy and Elly-Belly literally could not wait to be back in Molly-Mae's arms. He headed to the Beach Hut to tell the whole world how much he was looking forward to 'the Fury family' reunion, and our hearts couldn't take the cuteness!

2. When Maura was there for Anna during her break-up

A split is never easy, but Anna knew she had support throughout every minute of it thanks to Maura.

Heartbroken Anna opted to sleep on the daybed after THAT big row with Jordan, but Maura wasn't about to let her go it alone - she shunned a night inside with Curtis for an outside kip by her bestie's side, just to make sure she was OK. Now that's friendship.

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8 biggest villa bust-ups of the series


The Love Island villa has seen plenty of drama this series, from break-up beef to date night disputes. We've watched on as our Islanders have fallen out in front of the nation and been filled with glee as they've kissed and made up (most of the time!). Because who doesn't love a happy ending?

So sit back, grab the popcorn and get ready to relive the biggest bust-ups of the series...

1. Storm Anna strikes on Jordan

What happens when you pull a girl you like for a chat in touching distance of your girlfriend?

Jordan found out the hard way when he shared his feelings for India, prompting a betrayed Anna to unleash her fury at her (very) new boyfriend in front of the whole villa. It's fair to say we reeeeeally felt the full effect of Storm Anna that night, as well as her heartbreak.

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The most epic recoupling speeches of the series

If there's one thing guaranteed to bring a bit of drama to the villa, it's a good ol' recoupling. Hearts can be warmed and broken in the space of an evening as our Islanders take their pick of their fellow sexy young singletons - and pour their hearts out in an attempt to pull the partner they want.

So prepare to swoon as we relive some of their most romantic lines that have left their lips this series!

1. Danny sweeps Yewande off her feet

Model Danny set the bar SO high when he shared his feelings for Yewande in week two, making us all melt with one of the most memorable recoupling speeches to date.

"She has great character, amazing features inside and out - I think there's boxes that she ticks that I didn't even know needed ticking," he said, as the nation erupted into rapturous applause for Yewande.

2. Tommy pours his heart out to Molly-Mae

Danny: *does epic recoupling speech*

Tommy: Hold my beer.

Our buff boxer bared his whole soul in week four, telling Molly-Mae exactly how he felt with lines that sounded like something out of a fairytale.

"She truly is the girl of my dreams and in such a short space of time, I'm pretty sure I've found the one that I've been looking for all my life. If I had a magic wand, I wouldn't change a single thing about her."

Anyone else feeling all warm and fuzzy inside?

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