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10 Biggest Villa fall outs of the series

Ohhh it's kicking off!The Love Island Villa is feeling plenty of romance right now, but there have been a few fall outs on the road to love!

We saw some peak tensions erupt last night as The Graftie Awards tapes were rolled.

Opinions got heated between Tyrique, Lochan and Whitney, and Mitchel's acceptance speech went all kinds of South with Scott.

In addition to last night's drama, let's take a look at some of the summer's most memorable fall outs.

1. Tensions between Scott and Mitchel erupt at the Grafties

This pair had been butting heads throughout an eventful awards ceremony, but it was Mitchel's acceptance speech that went wrong, with Scott labelling Mitchel a 'k******d'.

The heat turned up as they got into a serious argument over their couples (again), leaving the Villa in shock, and us on a cliffhanger waiting for 9pm!

2. Tyrique, Lochan and Whitney get heated at the Grafties

Words were thrown as Tyrique called out Lochan on his bro code for 'too much pillow talk' with Whitney - and the bite back was real as Lochan defended himself and Whitney stood up for her man.

Tyrique telling Whitney to 'Shh' escalated the tension into an argument, and we know there's more to be said tonight before this one calms down!

3. Abi and Mitch - again and again

Remember when a loved-up Mitchel coupled up with Casa Amor Bombshell Abi? No, us neither, as this sweet relationship has turned 100% sour!

Since Mitchel's head turned for Ella B and he caused chaos trying to get clarity, this once happy couple haven't been able to reconcile as friends, throwing shade for days.

4. Whitney pieing Zachariah in Snog, Marry, Pie

One cheeky Challenge, so much drama.

Whitney pied Zachariah in Snog, Marry, Pie, saying: 'I love his relationship with Molly, but sometimes I do question if it's the easy way out.'

A confused Zach ended up telling Whitney to 'shut up', which crossed a line with Whit.

The two later had it out and managed to accept each other's apologies, but that pie tasted COLD for a while!

5. Ella and Ella B go head-to-head

In the now Graftie award-winning scene, Ella came face-to-face with Ella B to clear a few things up after the Bombshell had been flirting with her old flame Tyrique.

All we're saying is: 'I would never go head-to-head with a girl, for a man.'

*drops mic*

6. Catherine's Casa Amor bust-up with Scott

Ne-Yo sent Catherine off to Casa Amor happily coupled up with Scott, but she returned hand-in-hand with Elom, leaving Scott alone at the firepit.

The aftermath wasn't pretty, but it wouldn't be Casa Amor without a couples' break up or two!

Speaking of…

7. Tyrique and Ella's Casa Amor heartbreak

Their story thankfully has a happy ending, but Tyrella were officially over for a hot minute when closed off Ella brought Ouzy back from Casa Amor.

'I guess she was never mine, it was just my turn,' Tyrique told Maya after the modelling duo walked in, and the arguments lasted into the next day. And the next. And the next.


8. Leah and Scott fall out at Movie Night

The Casa Amor fallout continued as Movie Night showed the Islanders what really went down on the big screen.

Scott took issue when Leah was vocal about his and Catherine's split. The other Islanders couldn't get the popcorn in fast enough as verbal shots were fired across the garden!

9. Jess hits her limit with Sammy’s triangles

This couple are now solid, but by their own admission Jess and Sammy have had a rollercoaster ride!

Jess reached her limit after she returned from Casa Amor alone to find Sammy coupled up with Amber, having previously been getting cosy with Mal. The next day she gave him an ultimatum: ‘I’m not gonna beg for you to choose me.’

‘If you don’t want me that’s ok, but I’m not being in a triangle no more.’

Thankfully they figured it out (after a Josh-shaped curveball), and the pair are now official!

10. Whitney and Ella are called smug and selfish

More Challenge chaos came after the Couple Goals Challenge, and this time it was Whitney and Ella that split!

After Tyrique and Ella voted Whitney and Lochan the most smug couple, Whitney later branded Ella 'selfish' in the dressing room.

Cut to a full bestie break-up! We were shook when their day out together made things worse instead of better, but the sister energy came good, and all was forgiven the next day. Phew!

So as the final nears, and with last night's Grafties tea still hot, will Tyrique and Whitney make up? And can Scott, Abi and Mitchel ever call a truce?Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2 and ITVX.

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