Love Island

10 moments of Island Club drama we absolutely lived for

This is what happens when a night of fun turns into a night of DONE.

Our Islanders thought they were in for a drama-free bash at the Island Club, but little did they know they'd witness blazing rows, declarations of love and a huuuuuge dumping twist. How comes our nights out are never this eventful?

But we still don't know if anyone's leaving the Island, if Belle and Anton will kiss and make up, and if Amber and Michael will ever make it work! So until we do, let's recap all of last night's action...

1. Belle unleashed her inner fighter.

Note to self: NEVER get on Belle's bad side. The girl is NEXT LEVEL in an argument. We're both scared and impressed.

2. Ovie's reaction to the drama was absolute gold.

He really is the gift that keeps on giving.

3. Amber upped the ante on Mission Get Michael Back.

Their conversation was awkward and lovely in equal measures.

4. Curtis and Maura pulled out some very sexy moves.

They weren't quite at the level of the dirty dancing challenge, but they were rather racy...

5. Caroline's arrival was her most epic yet.

This wasn't just any slow-mo walk, this was a slow-mo walk that started with her pulling up in a very flash sports car!

We just hope she went back and turned the headlights off, otherwise she could be looking at a flat battery.

6. Amber and Anna's friendship is absolute goals.

Jordan wasn't the only one comforting Anna during the dumping - Amber reassured her bestie by whispering "I love you so much" from across the distance.

Name a more iconic duo, we'll wait.

7. Tommy came up with an idea for a brand new show.

Friend Island, coming to a TV near you very soon.

8. We were in our feelings over Anton's feelings.

He just couldn't hold back the tears when he saw his best mates were at risk of being dumped, and we're here for his emotional display.

9. He was so distraught he almost tried to couple up with another couple.

"We'd like to... I'd like to... errr, not couple up with...".

Deep breaths Anton, deep breaths.

10. The dumping cliffhanger hit us HARD.

Michael and Joanna got the least amount of votes from their fellow Islanders to remain in the villa, but that didn't mean they were both sent packing.

They can no longer stay on the Island as a couple, so does that mean only one of them will be going home? We need answers, like now!

Love Island