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10 times our Islanders gave us the warm and fuzzies

We know it's BOILING outside, but who's ready to have their heart warmed even more?

The villa has been full to the brim with good vibes this summer, with our Islanders coming together to show love and support when things get tough. Honestly, friendship goals doesn't begin to cover it!

So before the series comes to an end *sobs uncontrollably*, let's take a look back at all of the times the Islanders have made us feel warm and fuzzy inside.

1. When Tommy and Elly-Belly pined for Molly-Mae

Separated for days by Casa Amor, Tommy and Elly-Belly literally could not wait to be back in Molly-Mae's arms. He headed to the Beach Hut to tell the whole world how much he was looking forward to 'the Fury family' reunion, and our hearts couldn't take the cuteness!

2. When Maura was there for Anna during her break-up

A split is never easy, but Anna knew she had support throughout every minute of it thanks to Maura.

Heartbroken Anna opted to sleep on the daybed after THAT big row with Jordan, but Maura wasn't about to let her go it alone - she shunned a night inside with Curtis for an outside kip by her bestie's side, just to make sure she was OK. Now that's friendship.

3. When Anton hugged Lucie on her return from Casa Amor

What a gent this guy is!

Casa Amor forced friendship couple Anton and Lucie to part, and in that time Anton struck up a romantic connection with new girl Belle. However, the Scottish lad was worried Lucie might come back single and be at risk of being dumped, but decided to follow his heart and couple up with Belle regardless.

Thankfully she returned hand-in-hand with George, and a joyous Anton made a beeline straight for his mate with a massive hug. Our hearts officially melted.

4. When the Islanders respected Amy's tough decision to leave

In week six we witnessed one of the most emotional moments of the whole series, as Amy packed her bags and left the villa. Her split from Curtis was simply too much to bear, but she wanted to leave on a positive note with a heart full of love and head full of happy memories.

Her heartwarming speech to the Islanders brought a tear to everyone's eyes, and despite her pals not wanting her to go, they supported her choice and showered her with love as she said her goodbyes.

5. When Ovie gave Amber a (very muscular) shoulder to cry on

It's fair to say Casa Amor crushed a few hearts, but it also spawned some of the greatest friendships the villa has ever seen.

We all watched as Amber returned single to find Michael recoupled with Joanna, and although she held her composure for a while, the emotions came pouring out later that evening.

Thankfully new arrival Ovie was on hand to comfort her with some solid advice, marking the beginning of what was to become an incredible friendship.

6. When the boys got their babies bopping

Who doesn't love the parenting challenge?

Our lads were certainly up to the task this summer, showing us exactly what fantastic fathers they'd make by starting an impromptu daddy dance class. We could literally watch this all day, every day.

7. When Curtis assured Chris he's right where he belongs

Magical storybook moment right here!

Chris struggled to hold back the tears after week eight's first dumping, but for a super touching reason. The tall, tattooed hottie was beyond grateful for being saved by his fellow Islanders, telling Curtis: "I've never felt like I've ever fit in."

His response? "You fit in here better than anyone. I've never met a guy like you... I love you."

Altogether now, aaawwwww!

8. When Tommy's elaborate proposal paid off

Our first official boyfriend and girlfriend of the series sealed the deal in incredibly romantic scenes. Tommy and pal Curtis masterminded the whole thing, scrawling a heartfelt note on tissue paper with eyeliner (almost unforgivable, but moving on...), before attaching it to their 'son' Elly-Belly.

Rose petals led Molly-Mae to the big question on the terrace, while her fellow Islanders gathered in a heart shape in the garden below to cheer them on. Thank god she said yes!

9. When Amber and Michael celebrated Yewande's first kiss

What are friends for, if not for celebrating every single milestone in your love life?

Michael and Amber were like proud parents (in the least weird way possible) as they watched their mate Yewande crack on with Danny, literally jumping for joy as their lips touched.

From now on, we'll be asking our mates to arrange a flash mob every time we manage to pull!

10. And finally, every time the boys bombed it into the pool

If you don't know what to do when someone shouts "SALMON!", where on earth have you been this summer?

Any time good news hit the villa, our lads celebrated with more energy and enthusiasm than a puppy heading for walkies - by jumping en masse into the pool and often flopping like a giant fish.

Of course they took their mics off before causing a splash, because health and safety always comes first people!

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