Love Island

10 times our Islanders made us say WHAT?!

Sometimes, we're so impressed by the Islanders' wisdom, talents and knowledge. And sometimes, they leave us absolutely baffled.

They've already given us so much to ponder this summer: How do you make peppermint tea? Are white jeans a trend we totally missed? And where on earth IS Italy?

But we've also got a few things we'd like to clarify, so let's take a moment to recount just a few of the times our guys and gals made us say wait... what?

1. When Tommy added a whole new word to the English language.

"It just refreshifies my memory" will go down in history as one of the greatest Love Island quotes ever.

2. When we found out that Anton doesn't eat carbs.

A life without pizza is a life without joy in our books. But we suppose that's why he looks like a god and we look like a melted tub of ice cream.

3. And that his mum shaves his bum.

That's right, back home in Scotland, Anton's mum handles his hind grooming. But while he's in the villa, Belle's landed the bum job (pun intended) of his keeping his cheeks hair free. Oh what a world we live in.

4. When Jourdan reassured us that Barcelona is, in fact, in Italy.

Ah yes, that famous Italian city... Barcelona.

5. And Joanna couldn't work out whether Rome was in Italy or Italy was in Rome.

We'll get an atlas sent into the villa asap.

6. When Curtis encouraged everyone to personify a timepiece.

"Never watch the clock, BE the clock" is the most powerful yet confusing advice we've ever been given.

7. When Lucie shared her favourite crisp her flavour with the world.

We can't work out how someone's favourite snack EVER can be salt and vinegar crisps when milk chocolate, cookie dough and nachos exist.

8. When Amber cleansed her face with two wipes at once.

We're both totally perplexed and extremely impressed.

9. When Maura revealed her dancing aspirations.

Not only did she keep her Curtis crush secret for weeks, but she also revealed she wants him to teach her some moves.

Maura for Dancing on Ice 2020?

10. And finally, when Tommy served up THAT appetiser.

Still. so. many. questions.

Love Island