Love Island

10 times Yewande slayed without even realising

Scientist Yewande may not yet believe Danny's really into her, but she should know that we definitely are! Our girl is smart, funny and not to mention totally gorgeous, giving us life at every step of her Love Island journey.

Are you feeling the Yewande love too? Join our appreciation club by having a good ol' scroll through her best moments to date.

1. When she was momentarily left single on day one, but offered some killer perspective.

"It's fine, like, the sky hasn't fallen down or anything."


2. When she had a breakfast date with Michael and hit him with scintillating science chat.

"What did you do your thesis in?" is our new go-to chat up line.

3. When she strutted off to her first date looking like a snack.

Our girl Yewande wears florals like no one ever has before.

4. And took Danny's breath away the moment he saw her.

"As soon as you walked out I was like... wow, she's stunning, absolutely stunning."

Can we get a date with Danny when the show's over please?

5. When she proved every colour is her colour.

Bright green top? Matching yellow skirt and jacket? Neon leopard print bikini? There's nothing Yewande doesn't look pure FIRE in.

6. When she kept her hair safe from a food fight challenge using a bridal veil.

Any smart woman knows whipped cream + ketchup + cake = one huge hair disaster.

7. When she wasn't sure how to instigate a kiss with Danny for the most relatable reason ever.

"Danny's the first person I've kissed in a long time, 'cause I just spend most of my time in work or at the library."

Same hun, same.

8. When Danny gave the most beautiful recoupling speech ever and she positively glowed.

The smile, the eyes, the dress. We're not surprised Danny's as obsessed as we are!

9. When she proved she can shut down pretty much any argument.

When Michael gave the girls a telling off for giggling at the "confident" new arrivals, Yewande promptly put him in his place using the power of science. “Every action has a reaction. It’s just the laws of physics.”

Epic and factually correct.

10. And finally, every time she's shouted "I'VE GOT A TEXT" at the top of her lungs, like every good Islander should.

Watch and learn, people. Watch and learn.

Love Island