15 people who are Love Island-obsessed in lockdown

1. This person who's battled through the accent barrier 💪

2. This person who's mastered their flirting technique

3. This mum who can't get enough

4. Actual Chrissy Teigan with a stunningly accurate description of British scaffolders (right?!)

5. This person who's just being realistic 🤷‍♀️

6. This person who is straight to the point 💯

7. This person with a very realistic list of daily accomplishments

8. This person who's got us wondering which sponges are gonna make it through the recoupling

9. This person whose wedding vows are perfect TBH

10. This person who's relaxing into the lockdown lifestyle with grace and decorum

11. This person who is straight up living their best life

12. This person who's just discovered WE'VE GOT SIX WHOLE SEASONS

13. This person who is a whole lockdown mood

14. NoThiNg tO sEe HeRe

15. And finally, this person who's just realised you can't make Love Island without... love 🥰

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