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4 times ‘smooches’ caused absolute chaos already!

Four days into a brand new series of Love Island is definitely 'early days', as Zachariah keeps reminding the Islanders. But life comes at you real fast when you're in a Villa full of worldies!

We may have set the tone and put a little spicy seasoning into the first night with a game of Truth or Dare, but the Islanders soon made that look Lemon and Herb, taking their snogs (or 'smooches' to use a Jessism™) to Spice Level 100, turning all sorts of heads in the process.

1. The snog that swiped Catherine from André

The Wary Tales challenge saw newcomer Zachariah go for a little kiss with Catherine, who was coupled up with a very smitten André.

The kiss undoubtedly rattled the Portuguese Prince, with Zachariah later telling Catherine, 'I didn't even think that was your answer, you know? I can't even lie, I just wanted to kiss you.'

Okayyyyy Zachariah!

The moves worked their magic, and Zachariah chose to couple up with Catherine the next day, leaving André single - and vulnerable.

2. Tyrique made his intentions clear with Ella - to an audience

Ella and Tyrique were coupled up by the public and it was clear pretty quick that they weren't mad at it.

The stunning pair have been getting to know each other slowly, but news of a looming recoupling put some pressure on our Islanders to make their feelings known.

Tyrique decided not to waste any more time, telling Ella he'd made things clear and friend-zoned Jess.

'Anything else I need to make clear?' He asked Ella.

'You can make things clear to me right now,' she replied with some serious eye contact.

'I know I can. Stop, please!' as a suddenly shy Tyrique looked away, giving himself a second before apparently making up his mind.

F**k it,' he said and went in for a passionate snog, which was spotted by gassed wing women Catherine and Ruchee.

'Cheers to my Mum and Dad!' Catherine shouted across the garden.

Oh, romance.

3. Mitchel had a big question for Molly…

The sparks have been flying between Molly and Mitchel since they walked into the villa wearing matching red swimwear.

These two cuties were coupled up by the public and have shared plenty of challenge kisses, but Mitchel wanted an official snog.

'Will you marry me?' Was a strong opener from Mitchel on the terrace.

He was joking, obvs. We think.

'Listen, I know we've been kissing in challenges. But I can't not kiss you tonight when you look that good,' he told her before they went for their first proper kiss.

Or smooch, as Jess would say.

4. ...But is Molly turning for Zachariah?

We've only seen a sneaky tease of tonight's episode but from what we've glimpsed, a kissing game appears to turn heads as Molly kisses Zachariah, and Zachariah goes for one right back!

The shock on Catherine's face is real, and Mitchel doesn't look like he's enjoying his front-row seat either...

Grab your snacks, Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2 and ITVX.

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