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5 times our Islanders gave us the warm and fuzzies

Our Islanders might be sizzling under the Spanish sun, but they’re warming our hearts over here too!

The friendships, romances and bromances have kept the good vibes going this summer, and last night meeting the families left us feeling all kinds of emotional!

We had Zach’s mum being a certified icon, wedding talk from Team Tyrella, Jess’s stepdad jumping on the famous beds, Lochan telling his mum how beautiful she is, Mitch’s mum giving Abi a sweet hug, Molly’s dad doing THE handshake… who knew you could fit so much heart-swelling into one episode?

Let’s take a look at when the Islanders have left us feeling all warm and fuzzy inside.

1. The girlies supporting Whitney when Mehdi left

Girl Code has been 10/10 this summer, with plenty of hugs, heart-to-hearts and wiping of tears between our girls.

The ladies coming together to support Whitney when Mehdi was dumped was peak, and as much as we love the romance, we’re SO here for the power of female friendship too.

Jess told an upset Whitney as the ladies gathered: ‘All I’m gonna say is, let it out. Because I can see you’re really holding it in.’

Whitney’s tears spilled over as Jess continued: ‘You’re only going to feel like this temporarily, ok? So let it out, feelings show that you were genuine.’

‘We’ve got your back, always and forever girl.’

2. The Broski cheers for Tyrique’s I love you mission

We're forever obsessed with the Villa bromances. From hair-shaving to nap time pranks, these guys have been bringing the lols since day one.

But it was the A-Team’s toast when Tyrique told Zachariah and Sammy about his plan to tell Ella ‘I love you’ that really warmed our hearts.

‘Love you three fam,’ Zach said as they cheersed their glasses to the big plan, with Sammy replying: ’Love you boys. Here’s to love.’

‘Today’s your day broski,’ Zach told Tyrique.

3. Montel’s terrace speech to Leah

Montel had some making up to do after Casa Amor, when he strayed from loyal Leah.

After Movie Night showed the Islanders the full story, Montel decided that only a grand gesture would show how much he cared for lovely Leah.

So he took himself to the Terrace to apologise in front of the whole Villa, giving us Romeo and Juliet as he told a shocked Leah: ‘Obviously I embarrassed you, so it’s only right I embarrass myself as well.’

‘You of all people don’t deserve to get treated like an option or have your feelings hurt in the way that I have. Every morning waking up next to you, I can’t help but smile.’

Leah held back a few tears as the Islanders cheered, and the pair were happily reunited.

4. Tyrique declares his love for Ella

We’ll let the speech do the talking here because it was TOO CUTE to see Tyrique getting all shy as he declared his love.

‘Our journey together started on the first day,’ he told Ella as they sat on beanbags at the front of the Villa, surrounded by rose petals and fairy lights.

‘The last thing I expected was to find someone that I really genuinely had a connection with. I’m literally so glad.’

‘It’s not been proper easy, but nothing that’s worth it comes easy.’

‘I feel like we’ve got through every single hurdle, and every single test, and we’re still here together strong.’

‘I didn’t even know I was capable of having these feelings… I just can’t wait for our future together. I wanted to say to you, that I do love you.’

Who doesn’t love love?!

5. Sammy asking Jess to be his girlfriend

The secret missions keep on coming and we love to see it!

Sammy asked his boy Tyrique to sneak the Islanders up to the terrace, while Sammy brought Jess to the middle of an empty garden.

In true Jammy style, she thought he was playing a joke, asking him: ‘You’re not going to chuck me in the pool are you?’

‘Just be serious for one moment!’ He laughed, before telling her:

‘Since coming here, it’s not been the easiest ride. We’ve had a rollercoaster of a journey, but I feel like I’ve matured a lot.’

‘I don’t get feelings easy, it’s a big thing for me.’

‘I feel like I know you inside and out, I really really like how things are going. And just with all of that, I just wanna say…’

At which point Sammy turned to the terrace and shouted, ‘Can you help me out guys?’

The Islanders sprung into action, jumping up from their hiding spot to shout: ‘Will you be his girlfriend?’

We were fully cheering at the TV as Jess screamed an instant ‘YES!’

The all-seeing, all-knowing terrace strikes again! Are there more warm and fuzzies in store for us this week?

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2 and ITVX.

Logo of Love Island
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Love Island