Love Island

6 things we learnt on day 11

The mood in the villa changed quicker than the Islanders' outfits on day 11 as the Bro Code was tested, with Megan caught up at the centre of a storm between Eyal and Alex. The girls by comparison were C-H-I-L-L-I-N-G, but news of a dumping soon got everyone feeling nervous. Here's what we learnt on day 11...

1. Pen salesmen are great at relationship advice

Jack’s been a busy man in that villa, and not just when it comes to grafting Dani. First Alex, then Charlie, then Eyal approached Uncle Jack for advice about the ladies. It seems Dr Alex isn’t the only one mending broken hearts around here…

2. The boys should really learn that Megan and Rosie tell each other everything

After Adam got well and truly burned trying to graft Megan behind Rosie’s back, you’d think he’d have sussed that the pair are pretty tight. He had absolutely no chance of the boys’ secret mission staying secret when he spilled all to Rosie. “We just thought we would take things into our own hands and give Alex a chance," he explained of their plot to distract Eyal, adding: "You cannot tell anyone, not even Megan." Cue Rosie delivering the gossip straight to Megan, who later revealed all to Eyal, who unsurprisingly felt pretty mugged off. Oops.

3. Adam and Alex is the bromance we never saw coming

They lead wildly different lives and have very different outlooks, but our shy doctor and our confident gym buff appear to be catching feels… for each other. Last night we saw Adam step up to ensure Alex had a chance to talk to Megan, and they later shared a little deep and meaningful on the daybeds, with Adam bigging up his main man in the Beach Hut. “I’m proud of Alex, he’s ate the opportunity up tonight, he’s got a fresh haircut, he’s changing his outfits up.”

This is one relationship we weren't expecting, but we're lapping it up.

4. Hayley may have come into the villa to find love, but she’s getting an education while she’s at it

As well as lessons of the heart, there’s plenty of other schooling going on for our Hayley. Maybe it’s something to do with all that chemistry flying around? Her new specialist subjects include spirituality, auras, Brexit and now compatibility. Impressive!

5. Adam’s confidence with the ladies is completely justified

The Meet Your Match challenge threw up a few awkward questions, not least whether Dani is coupled up with a robot. “Is he a real person?” she pondered after Jack steadily slipped down her compatibility chart.

It turns out Adam really does have plenty of that honed bod to go around though, as he came out as top match for our most of our ladies, which came as no surprise to Mr MVP himself. “Did I quote The Notebook? Did I watch Marley and Me? Who knows, but I guess I get the girls,” grinned our resident hit with the ladies.

This man definitely knows how to play a good game…

6. We’ll never complain when mum texts asking us to pick up milk again

The most savage text to date was dropped just as our Islanders had got all dressed up for a lovely, glamorous evening. Funny that...

The villa was shook as the couples were forced to turn against each other and vote for the two couples they thought were least compatible. Ooof, it was awks. The honeymoon period is well and truly O-V-E-R for this lot.

Love Island