Love Island

7 times we lived for Amber's sass

You could never accuse Amber of beating around the bush, could you? Our most straight-up Islander always tells it like is it, whether she's having a deep chat with a lad or simply chin-wagging about sunglasses.

We love her no-nonsense attitude just as much as her fellow Islanders appreciate her honesty, so let's take a look at the top seven times she's served up the sass so far...

1. "I think I can pull off any kind of sunglasses. I'm not sure about you though."

On day two, she told Callum directly to his face that his shades weren't quite as cool as he thought they were.

Was that the start of their blossoming romance? You already know the answer.

2. "You're 21?... You look really old."

It's fair to say she did NOT hold back when it came to assessing Danny's age on their first date.

3. "I don't think you're a terrible person, I think you're an idiot."

She was her standard straight-up self with Joe when he got distracted by Lucie during one of their chats. Say it how it is, Amber. Say it how it is.

  • "It's 'how do ya feel?' every five seconds. I don't f*****g know, like!"****

Later the same night she dropped a truth bomb on Tommy, calling him "exhausting" for constantly getting into deep chats. Yikes.

5. "There are people [in the villa] that are chatting to loads of people that don't look like a child - you're making yourself look like a child."

After Joe apologised for chatting up Amber just to make Lucie jealous, she gave him a very blunt response and one massive eye roll. Can you really blame her though?

6. "I'm no one's second best. I'm not someone's second option."

In the words of Anton: preach sister, preach!

7. "If Clint Eastwood was the man with no name, Callum was the man with no game!"

In the boys' first challenge, they had to woo a female Islander while wearing nothing but briefs, safety goggles and a cowboy hat.

As you can tell, it wasn't quite Amber's cup of tea...

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