Love Island

7 style lessons we've learnt from the Islanders

Our Islanders are a stylish bunch, and we're picking up SO many tips just by watching them on the reg.

Whether you want a fresh new look for a night out or a bevvy daytime hair option, this gorgeous lot have got your covered for the whole of summer and beyond. #inspo

Prepare to be blown away as we run down the most stunning style lessons they've blessed us with so far...

1. A sweatshirt still looks great in a heatwave.

Because nothing says summer quite like a grey sweatshirt, does it?

2. Forgot your jacket? Just borrow one off of your crush's current partner.

Just don't be surprised if she's not too happy with the whole situation, jacket or no jacket.

3. Glasses will make you 100 per cent more attractive.

Who cares whether you actually need them or not? A pair of specs will somehow make you look hotter than before, which is quite the achievement when you're already smokin'.

4. But if you can't find a pair, just draw some on.

Life hack: they'll never fall off your face.

5. Channeling your favourite character from a musical is always a strong look.

Danny Zuko, eat your heart out.

6. If all else fails, go for a messy bun.

Messy buns are scientifically proven* to solve all your problems.

*by a focus group of less than 10 Islanders.

7. Or take things to the next level with multiple buns at once.

It's the hottest hair trend of summer 2019, dontcha know?

Love Island